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Braces fitted by Central Leeds dentists solve all problems with imperfect smiles

Braces are a very clever way of solving all possible problems with the alignment of your teeth. Everybody is different and there is nothing out of the ordinary with developing a set of teeth that are not perfectly aligned with one another and all straight and tidy. Many people have a few teeth which are crooked or a bite which is skewed over to one side or the other. Braces remain the most effective way to solve these issues once and for all.
They work using wires to pull teeth gradually into the desired positions which your dentist has determined will give you a straighter smile. These wires are threaded through brackets which are attached firmly to your teeth using sturdy dental composite. At regular meetings with your dentist they will make small adjustments and tighten the wires as necessary so that your teeth are moved into position.
Many youngsters find them to be unsightly and they often have to be worn for several years in order for the treatment to work. Several newer products avoid these problems with faster treatments and a discreet look, but not all of them can solve every alignment issue like braces can. Some of them, for example, cannot actually rotate teeth, only move them slightly.
Despite preconceptions that braces are only suitable for the young, they can be fitted at any age and still be effective, in spite of how many years old you are. If you are interested in having the treatment then you should make the time to go and see your Central Leeds dentist who will be able to any all of your queries about braces and how they work.

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