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Mouth Ulcers Attack in Leeds!

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Anyone who has had a mouth ulcer in Leeds will know just how irritating they can make your life for a while- they can be quite vicious and uncomfortable. It is also quite difficult to pinpoint what causes them as well. Most dentists will take the usual line that affects most conditions in the mouth and these are generally true; viral fungal, and bacterial conditions, allergies but most attributed are stress, weak immune system and diet. Yes, these can be addressed and dealt with later, but all anyone wants to know is how to get rid of them when they erupt. Your lifestyle will have to alter for the duration and consider the above issues, you should avoid smoking, drinking and ‘hot’ foods, but do get yourself to the dentists or doctors for some drugs. Relief through painkillers like Ibruprofen will most certainly help, but there are also some fantastic mouth rinses and gels such as Bonjella that are specifically designed to give immediate relief and they work fast. Ulcers also have the ability to re-offend, but once bitten- twice prepared so you should be okay, though you do need to sit down and address all of the issues that may have caused the ulcer in the first place. There is also a more sinister issue with ulcers; if they are consistently persistent and refuse to go away after a few weeks, once you have attacked them, you should seek medical advice immediately, for it can indicate oral cancer.

Stalling Bad Breath in Central Leeds

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

One big social problem that you can suffer from in central Leeds is bad breath; it can cripple you at work and it can cripple you socially and unless someone has ‘kindly’ pointed out that you have a problem, you may be completely ignorant to the issue. Bad breath is bad in itself for all of the above reasons, but it could indicate that you have let things slip and that there are things going wrong in your mouth. Tooth decay and gum disease are two major contenders to halitosis, as is having a condition called dry mouth, but you can only ascertain this with help from your dentist and then address it, maybe with some work in your mouth. But the reasons you got into this state in the first place could have been because of your lifestyle. Bad diet, smoking and excessive drinking, coupled with bad oral hygiene is a recipe for disaster in your mouth, let alone your body and the whole lot mangled together will lead to bad breath. Everything needs to change to at least give your system a chance to recover and stabilise itself and so that your mouth can become healthy again. The way you look after your teeth and gums will also need improvement using various methods and probably the best way you can attack this is to embrace the ways of a hygienist, maybe a nutritionist and possibly someone versed in herbal remedies. It will take hard work but it is beatable.


Don’t Forget to Clean Your Tongue in the City of Leeds

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

It is a pretty good bet that most of us in the city of Leeds splash out on all the necessaries to maintain our oral health and we roughly know why, it’s on the packets…’fights plaque’. The point of all of these products is to ensure we keep our teeth and gums clear from bacteria and yes, plaque in order to prevent further problems like tooth decay and gum disease occurring. What is another pretty good bet however is that most people wouldn’t consider cleaning their tongues each day. If anything, the tongue is the greatest hoarder of bacteria in the mouth and even after you have cleaned your teeth, the bacteria on the tongue will spread straight back into the rest of the mouth. The tongue is also easily clogged up with stains from nicotine, sweets foods and drinks. Now we all know the tongue is quite delicate so it needs to be cleaned very carefully- most brushes will do the job, but most modern ones also have a tongue scraper on the back. It is also possible to purchase bespoke tongue scrapers from certain outlets, but most certainly, your dentist will be able to put you right here. So, happy tonguing, but make sure you do!

The Art of Brushing Your Teeth in Central Leeds

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

This could sound a little patronising, but do we all really know how to brush our teeth properly in central Leeds? Of course we do, we have the most dynamic atomic powered toothbrushes and pastes and things- which is great of course, but that means we can also become complacent and forget the basics and why we are cleaning our teeth in the first place. Essentially, we are trying to prevent the build-up of plaque and bacteria and brushing our teeth correctly is the first line of defence in this fight. Yes, it is vitally important we get the correct brush first- a brush that will suit our teeth and gums and do all of the work required. Some of the electric ones around are remarkable and take the work out of brushing for you, as are some of the latest hand held ones. The idea with any brush is to get to the important areas around the teeth and gums and not only remove any food deposits but to also clean the enamel of the teeth to remove any bacterial film that may have built up on the surface. It is always useful to brush our teeth in front of a mirror so that we can see what we are doing. Get this basic form of oral hygiene right from the start, and our mouths will be well on the way to a healthy life.

Flossing in the City of Leeds

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

One of the greatest aids we have in the city of Leeds to help back-up our daily oral hygiene is dental floss or tape, as using this has become as important as brushing. When you go shopping for floss, you will notice that there is quite a range to choose from and this could be a bit of trial and error at first until you get the one that works best for you; some are thicker than others and so may not be able to fit between you teeth- again, try and see. You can also buy flosses that are already sprung between two small sticks, which takes away the need to wrap the floss between your fingers. Whatever you settle on, you are then going to have to learn a technique that ensures you are using it correctly and removing foodstuffs from between your teeth. The best way of doing this is to get advice from your dentist or hygienist who can show you the correct use of dental floss- it isn’t hard- practising in front of a mirror helps but if you persevere, it will become like clockwork to you and you will be able to do it with your eyes shut. Remember, flossing is the ultimate way to prevent bacteria developing in your mouth.

The Scourge of Tooth Decay in Central Leeds

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

It is a never ending battle that we fight in central Leeds in order to keep our teeth in our mouths and at the heart of every single issue in the mouth lies plaque, for these fires off all manner of problems in the mouth, one of them being tooth decay. Plaque develops from bacteria that hasn’t been removed from the mouth correctly and then soon starts to form acids on the surfaces of the teeth (among other things). Soon this acid will start to eat into the enamel and then spots will start to appear. This may cause some discomfort in the form of toothache, but if it is caught at this point, the dentist can solve the problem with a filling. If however, the problem is ignored and the acid manages to infect the pulp and roots inside the tooth, you are into serious tooth decay. This is a big crisis; do nothing and you will lose the tooth and risk gum disease and further decay in other teeth and a probable tooth abscess. The only way you can save the tooth is by having a root canal which involves clearing everything from inside the tooth, filling it and the topping it with a crown. Even then, the longevity of the tooth has been vastly reduced because of this. The best way to avoid tooth decay is to prevent it from happening in the first place- only by having a good oral hygiene program that is backed up by visits to the dentist can you avoid the peril of tooth decay.



Caring for Your Mouth Every Day in Leeds

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Although people ‘bang on’ about oral hygiene everywhere you go in Leeds- from shops to TV- it is for a reason and if you get it right and do it well, you will not only save a packet by avoiding treatments, but you should keep your teeth for a very long time. Some of us get a little lazy overtime and we often forget how to do things properly, especially if we are doing them over and over again. So from time to time, it is important to refresh your daily oral hygiene program as newer, more remarkable products are coming onto the market all the time. First though, you should pay a visit to your dentist and get an update on how your teeth and gums are and remind yourself the correct way to care for your mouth- your dentist will only be too willing to give you advice as they would rather not have to work on you if things get out of hand. Then with all this information in your head, it’s time to get to the shops and invest in the latest and the best. Your toothbrush is essential and seeing as you will using it at least three times a day, it’s important to get one that is sympathetic to your teeth and gums yet gets the job done; and all of that applies to your toothpaste too. Then you need back-up: inter-dental brushes and flosses are the only way that you can get up close and personal with your teeth and gums in a way your normal toothbrush can’t. And too cap of the cycle of goodness for your mouth, you can’t go wrong by having a suitable mouth-wash in the bathroom cabinet either.

What You Should Know about Wisdom Teeth in the City of Leeds

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Wisdom teeth are often bracketed with the appendix or tonsils- something that has outgrown its usefulness and is now defunct. In some ways that can be true of wisdom teeth though it is not always the case. The reason why wisdom teeth are seen as a problem is because as we have evolved, our mouths have generally become smaller, which leaves little room in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to break through and if their route to fresh air is blocked, they have a habit of growing in all manner of directions without even showing, which is why they have to be removed. This whole process normally occurs from the age of 17 and can be for some a very traumatic and painful time. For the lucky ones among us, the teeth will erupt, with a little discomfort, quite normally and if they have the room and cause no problems at all, there is no reason for them to be removed- ever. But for most, the teeth do have to be removed and this can be quite a delicate operation. Wisdom teeth are deeply rooted into the jaw and it takes extreme forces to pull them out, especially if the tooth is not showing. Normally, all four would be done at once, usually in a hospital, because of the complexities involved and afterwards, there is the recovery which too, needs to be handled delicately.

Dealing with a Lost Tooth in Leeds

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Tooth loss is horrible at any time but if it occurs in an accident in Leeds, you should wise up to the eventuality so that you know what to do and possibly save the tooth. When the accident occurs the maximum time you have to get the tooth back into the socket is 24 hours, but that is really pushing it as by that time, the gap will have started healing itself. Essentially, the tooth needs to be put back in the socket quickly- you can do this yourself, but you should avoid touching the root and the tooth needs to be clean, but that doesn’t involve scrubbing it, just rinsing it in water or milk, then you should get to the dentist as fast as you can. If you cannot get the tooth in, you will need to keep it moist, again in water or milk, until you can see a dentist. The whole point of doing this quickly is to give the nerves on the root of the tooth a chance a chance to join up again with the cells in the gums though the dentist will have to make sure the tooth is secure. However, you never know when these problems will arise and it is difficult to find a dentist at three in the morning. In this scenario, you should get yourself down to A and E.


TMJ! Your Jaws in Central Leeds

Friday, May 18th, 2012

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is probably one of the most important yet overworked joint in the body. It is the joint surrounded by tissue and muscle that joins the upper cranium to the lower jaw- you have two, one each side of your mouth. Every day in central Leeds, these joints are working every day, whether it’s by you chewing or talking or clenching, they are on the go all of the time. All dental work is linked to the protection of the TMJ because most treatments that you have, from the placement of a crown to orthodontic work, are designed to ensure the occlusion or ‘bite’ in the mouth remains true, so preventing extra stress being placed on the TMJ. However, one of the greatest enemies of the TMJ is teeth grinding; this can do untold damage to the joints and more throughout the head and neck. Some of the most obvious symptoms that imply the jaw is damaged in some way is problems with chewing, the locking of the jaw, ‘clicking’ whenever the jaw is in motion, facial, ear, head and neck pain and problems in the upper back. Depending how bad the problem is, the jaw will require surgery in order to solve the problem, but any signs of teeth grinding should also be addressed as soon as is possible to stop any further damage. Arthritis is also a problem for the TMJ and you will also be putting yourself at risk if you indulge in contact sports. You have to remember that these are two very tiny joints that you expect to do an awful lot of work, which is why they should be treated with respect.