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Diamond Dentures in Central Leeds

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

If  the tragic day comes when you find you have to wear dentures, you may feel that the end is nigh for your smile and a lot of this is due to the portrayal of dentures as horribly false looking and incredibly hard to retain in the mouth.

But before you start writing your will, you would be wise to take a look around central Leeds first for modern dentures. Once you have been measured up, you will find a great choice of materials, which are soft, lifelike and provide optimum suction and stability when fitted into the mouth. Adhesives have also become more durable and stronger, helping increase the security of your dentures.

You can even have mini-implants fitted to hold them even firmly in place. But there is also a more health driven reason behind the need of dentures.

The first is the need to retain the bite of your jaws and having dentures will protect this. The lack of teeth in the mouth can also lead to premature ageing in the face, due to the sagging and creasing of unsupported skin.

Partial dentures have also become more common because dentists prefer to save teeth where they can and they are more preferable to full dentures because they can be attached to the remaining teeth and lock in strongly.

How Can Dentures Help You? Dentist in Leeds Answers Your Pressing Question

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Your missing teeth may be causing you constant discomfort and unbearable embarrassment. Every day tasks of chewing and smiling are challenging and you may be avoiding them altogether. You may also be experiencing difficulty with speech. Fortunately, dentures are offer a great solution for missing teeth.

Dentures are a removable set of artificial teeth that come in two types: partial or full. Partial dentures are used when you still have some natural teeth. Partial dentures are fitted to blend with your remaining teeth to give you back your natural smile. Full dentures are used when you have lost all of your natural teeth and recreate your teeth and gums entirely.

Your dentist in Leeds can make your new dentures look as natural as possible, leaving no one to suspect that you are wearing false teeth. The loss of your teeth can occur from many different reasons including injury, tooth decay, or periodontal disease. Your dentures will restore your effortless smile and self-confidence again.

Dentures are both comfortable and durable. It may take from three weeks to two months to get your customized dentures, so speak to your dentist today for more information. Your dentist will also help you maintain your oral health with your new dentures by teaching you how to care for your gums, palate, and tongue.

Forget the stereotypes, dentures from Central Leeds dentists are comfortable and effective

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Modern dentures are rather different from those that are the basis of the negative stereotypes. The thought of having to wear a set of dentures horrifies many people and that is understandable insofar as nobody wants to lose all of their teeth. But if you are unfortunate to be in that situation, dentures are a perfectly workable solution. Read on to find out about how improvements in dentures are making them a much more popular solution than they used to be.
The first thing to bear in mind is that dentures are made to order now so that they fit the individual mouth of the patient. It is quite likely that the dentures that you might have seen your elderly relative wearing were simply mass produced. That would explain why they tended to slip from his or her mouth and were uncomfortable to wear. This has changed now that the ‘one size fits all’ ethos has passed from dentistry.
Friction free material makes dentures much more comfortable on the bare gums of the wearer too. Modern dentures can be held in place via the natural suction of the gums or by using one of the very effective brands of fixing gel. The fact that they are made to fit the unique contours of the patient’s gum means that they are less likely to get messy because there won’t be as much space between the gum and the dentures in which food can possibly get trapped.
Other options are available for replacing lost teeth but you should speak to your dentist in Central Leeds about dentures because they are a great option for those who are on a financial budget and people who would prefer not to have invasive surgery.

Central Leeds dentists tell patients that modern dentures are vastly improved

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

When a patient loses all of the teeth in their mouth then some sort of set of replicas needs to be installed. The most obvious reason is so that eating can be carried out with ease; chewing is particularly difficult without teeth. Talking is also affected by the absence of teeth and patients find that their cheeks begin to sag inwards and they take on the appearance of someone who is older than they are.
A tried and tested method of replicating the functions of teeth in the mouth is to get a set of dentures fitted by your dentist. These relatively simple devices are basically sets of false teeth mounted on a platform that are worn in the mouth and either secured with fixing gel or held in place through the suction of patients’ gums. They have a somewhat dubious reputation amongst older people and it is an enduring stereotype of dentures that they be associated with slipping from the mouths of the very old at meal times.
Dentures have changed a lot in recent years, in line with general advances in technology that have affected dentistry. They are far more comfortable to wear than they used to be, with many dentures now being fabricated from valplast which massively reduces the amount of friction between the base of the dentures of the bare gums. They are also far more durable than they used to be and patients find that they need replacements with far less frequency, if at all.
Ask your Central Leeds dentist to tell you all about modern, affordable dentures and you might find that your opinion changes and you are able to consider them as a viable solution for the problem of tooth loss.

Coming to Terms with Dentures in the City of Leeds

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

It can be a shocking moment in your life when you walk into a dentists in the city of Leeds and are told you have to have all your teeth removed because of gum disease or rotting teeth. For a start, it will psychologically age you, but once your teeth are removed, your face will sag and age you physically. If you have to face the inevitable, a good set of dentures can at least lessen the blow and retain your looks. They come in all shapes and sizes; partial dentures can make up for a few missing teeth- like CuSil, that wrap around any remaining teeth. If you require full dentures however, denture technology has come a long way and you don’t have to settle for the hard, plastic look. Dentures can be manufactured from softer materials that bond into the mouth better and also house porcelain, more natural looking teeth. Of course one of the problems with dentures in the past was they had a habit of falling out at the most embarrassing moments- especially during eating. But denture adhesives have also improved over the years and the latest, more desirable options is to have mini implants fitted into the jaw which simply click the dentures solidly into place. It’s not the end of the world losing your teeth and dentures can still look healthy and retain healthiness in the mouth whilst keeping you smiling.

Need teeth replaced? Talk to your City of Leeds dentist about dentures

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Multiple tooth loss can happen as a result of tooth decay, severe gum disease or because of a bad accident affecting the mouth. It can be a traumatic experience and not without pain but it is important that you get the teeth replaced so that your mouth can function again as close to normal. Eating, drinking and talking are made far more difficult without teeth and your cheeks might begin to sag, making you look older than you are.
Dentures represent a relatively simple solution to this problem. They are basically a set of removable false teeth which are worn in the mouth. Modern dentures are incredibly realistic and more comfortable than they used to be. In the past, many patients experienced discomfort as the dentures rubbed against the exposed gums but the advent of friction free braces is putting an end to this.
The fact that dentures are removable represents both an advantage and a disadvantage. They can be taken out to clean and while you sleep if you would prefer. But they also have a tendency to slip during meal times or even while the patient is talking. This is an indignity that is too great for some and they prefer the more permanent solution of dental implants. At least dentures can always be worn while you are making up your mind if you want to have your teeth permanently replaced.
Dentures can be held in place either via the natural suction ability of your gums, or by using special fixing agents to attach them to the gums. They can also be available as a partial set if you have only lost a few of your teeth. If you would like more information, talk to your City of Leeds dentist.

Getting dentures in Leeds

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Against all our better efforts, there may come a time in Leeds when we have to face one of the biggest upheavals in our life- losing all our teeth. This can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common of all is gum disease. This can be a very traumatic time, putting years on you and suddenly making you feel as if you’ve got one foot in the grave.
But there are a lot of reasons why choosing dentures are beneficial and that you should embrace the inevitable. If you lose your teeth your face will sag, ageing you instantly by 10 years and impact on your self-confidence. It can also affect the occlusion of the mouth- the manner of the way you talk, chew and bite; this can lead to other health complications. But losing your teeth is not the end of the world; dental techniques have advanced incredibly over the last 30 years, as has the technology and thinking behind dentures. For a start, the materials from which dentures are made have improved. What used to be old plastic looking ‘falsies’ has moved on to flexible materials that can house porcelain, more natural looking teeth and fix against the gums more rigidly. Some dentures like CuSil, can be made to fit around some teeth that remain. Adhesives have become more reliable and the mini implants can be installed into the mouth to attach the dentures to. This greatly reduces the chances of the dentures moving, or god forbid, falling out whilst eating or talking.

Find out more about dentures from Central Leeds dentists

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Loosing a tooth or teeth can make eating, drinking or even talking more difficult. The appearance of missing teeth can be unsightly and make your cheeks sag, giving you an older appearance. In an image-conscious world, dentures offer the solution to tooth loss and allow you to smile freely and with confidence.

Designed specially to resemble natural teeth, dentures are removable replacements to teeth lost through trauma or as the result of disease or decay. Modern dentures are increasingly comfortable and realistic. They come either as a complete set in the event of the loss of all teeth or partial dentures to replace a few missing teeth and prevent the remaining teeth from shifting into the gaps left behind.

Dentures are available in a wide variety of materials but generally are made from acrylic resins. Your dentist may offer you, for example, the latest Valplast cosmetic dentures which allow greater flexibility. Increasingly patients are opting for alternative, non-removable solutions such as dental implants or fixed bridges.

They may be held in place via your gums’ natural suction or by using a fixing agent which can be applied daily. There is always the risk though that they will come loose and interfere with eating and talking. In this case, mini-implants are an option which can fix your dentures in place. Although they are relatively high-cost they allow you to live your life with confidence knowing that your dentures will not slip from your gums.

If you take good care of them, your dentures can last many years but even with the best of care will probably need to be altered in time as your bit changes. Be sure to clean them then soak them in cold water and they will last longer. Ask your Central Leeds dentist about dentures today and live with confidence.

Loose Dentures Are a Thing Of The Past, According To City of Leeds Dentist

Monday, September 20th, 2010

People above a certain age who have lost a lot of their teeth prefer to use dentures because they are rather affordable. However dentures, particularly old fashioned ones, are a source of concern to their wearers. They are rarely well fitting and they have the tendency to slip out at most inopportune moments. This may be a source of great amusement to little children, but the owner or the dentures is rarely amused, especially if it happens in front of company. As a result, they spend a lot of effort on using dental adhesive that don’t necessarily work all the time.
Loose dentures also make it difficult for the wearer to talk clearly or to eat all sorts of foods. On the whole, they can cause a lot of problems for the wearer.
A City of Leeds dentist has a very simple solution to this problem in the form of mini implants. These are tiny titanium rods that can be implanted into the jaw. They are made of a special alloy that does not react with the human body and cause it to reject it. The dentist will also be able to make lifelike and light dentures that will be anchored to these titanium rods in a more secure manner than any other, making people forget that they are wearing dentures.
These implants and light dentures do cost more than the old fashioned ones, but increasing numbers of people are realizing that they are wonderfully convenient and worth all the money they spend on them.

Get Your Dentures from the Best Dentist in Leeds

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Humans have made use of dentures for a very long time now, with people in ancient times using a variety of animal and human teeth to take the place of the ones they have lost. Thankfully, one does not have to go through all that trouble these days, and it is very easy for a person who has lost some or all teeth to get a replacement set from a dentist.
Most people believe that dentures are necessary only to improve the physical appearance of the wearer. There is no doubt that they achieve this aim very well. The false teeth available today look very realistic and one can barely make them out to be artificial since they fit better and have a very natural colour. They also fill out the cheeks of the person wearing them, which gives them a youthful appearance, as opposed to the hollow cheeked look that happens as a result of tooth loss.
They help the wearer eat certain types of food that cannot be chewed only by the gums. The other advantage of wearing these false teeth is that they fill up all the gaps on the jaw, thereby preventing bacteria from settling there and causing infections and bad breath.
As a person living in Leeds, you have the option of going to dental practices that have all the equipment and expertise for giving you the best treatment. You will walk out with a brand new set of teeth that will look extremely natural.