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Choosing an Inman aligner in central Leeds

Okay. You’ve met the person of your dreams in a pub in central Leeds. This is the one for you. They’ve seen past your rather medieval front teeth and seen into your soul. This love is so rich and pure, and so immediate, that you even want to sanction it with a marriage in a couple of months time. So then, why is there this uncomfortable feeling eating away at the bliss of true love that courses through your heart, just before you sleep at night? Because those teeth of yours are gonna look awful in the wedding and honeymoon photos, right? Right! But help is at hand my friend, thanks to the Inman aligner. It doesn’t matter how old you are, this treatment is designed to fix your teeth in as little as 6 weeks. Its unique design and mechanism means it can only be used on the front teeth. Once the aligner has been placed in the mouth, a thin metallic wire around the front of the teeth starts to pull the teeth into place. In the meantime, a spring operated device applies pressure in the opposite direction, practically rocking the teeth gently into position. Another advantage of the aligner is that throughout the treatment, it can be removed, allowing you to eat normally and maintain your oral hygiene. But the price is equally attractive at around £1400, that’s about £30 a day- that’s enough to put a smile on your face, eh?

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