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Choosing Cerec in the city of Leeds

If you’re flying around the city of Leeds being busy, busy, busy, then there’s a good chance that you haven’t got the time to keep your teeth looking pretty….or have you? Because now you can get your teeth fixed and looking ‘Hollywoody’ in as little as an hour- thanks to Cerec treatment. In the past, if you opted for a crown or veneers to bring your smile up to scratch, it could take up to a month to get your treatment completed. You’d go and get analysed, impressions would be made of your teeth, your teeth prepared and fitted with false crowns, and then you’d wait until the new teeth came back from the lab. With Cerec, everything is done in one sitting. Thanks to computers and digital imaging, the work required can be carried out on the spot. Once the treatment is diagnosed, the veneer or crown can be manufactured in-house whilst the teeth are prepared and any other regular dental work carried out. The beauty of this treatment is that any problems that could arise in fitting, can be rectified immediately- and it can be combined with other treatments such as bleaching, meaning, that you could come out of the dentist with a completely new look to your mouth in the time it takes to have a dinner break in a busy work schedule. And….it costs pretty much the same as the original treatments!

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