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City of Leeds Dentist Lists Symptoms of Dental Cavities You Should Look Out For

Are you experiencing toothache? Have you noticed any changes in the surface area of your teeth such as a hole or a pit? Then you may have a dental cavity and should see your dentist in the City of Leeds as soon as possible.

Dental cavities are also known as dental caries. Left untreated, you may lose your infected teeth. Sugar left on your teeth is turned into acid by bacterial processes. The acid wears down your teeth in a process called demineralization. The breakdown of the hard surface of your teeth results in dental cavities. In advanced stages of dental cavities, there will be clearly visible holes in your teeth.

If you already have a gum disease or suspect having a gum disease, you are more likely to have dental cavities since gum diseases expose the roots of your teeth to more plaque and tartar buildup. Propensity for dental cavities may also be genetic. Use of some medications, alcohol and tobacco use, particularly chewing tobacco, can also cause dental cavities.

If you are experiencing inflammation of the gums, any pain or visible changes to the surface of your teeth, consult your dentist right away. Only your dentist can be sure to catch dental cavities, even at the earliest stages via x-rays. Don’t let your dental cavities get worse and result in the loss of your precious teeth.


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