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Leeds dentists use cosmetic bonding to fill cavities and patients are delighted with the results

Many people of a certain generation will be aware of the way that cavities in teeth used to be filled up. Dentists had little option but to fill cavities using metal and the results were not often as one might desire. Dentists found the metal difficult to work with and the fillings could sometimes fail, especially in the long term. For patients the results were rather unsightly.
This has all changed thanks to the new way that dentists can fill cavities. Cavities are holes which are formed in the enamel of your teeth as a result of the erosion powers of plaque. Brushing and flossing ought to remove most plaque from teeth and make cavities unlikely but lapses in oral hygiene, a period of poor health generally or poor dietary choices can lead to cavities in teeth. They need to be filled in order to save the tooth from failing.
Dentists do not have to use metal anymore for fillings, instead they use a technique called cosmetic bonding that is far more preferable for dentists and patients alike. Cosmetic bonding involves filling cavities with a dental substance that is much easier to work with and looks better. Because it is not metal and therefore much more malleable, cosmetic bonding can be carried out with a high degree of accuracy and with far less chance of failure. Unlike when using metal, dentists can tailor the colour of the cosmetic bonding so that it matches the rest of the tooth.
If you’ve got cavities then you should speak to your dentist in Central Leeds about the benefits of cosmetic bonding. Cosmetic bonding can also be used to replace existing metal fillings and many patients are choosing to say good bye to the unpopular dark patches of metal that have blighted their appearance.


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