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Choosing your Braces in Leeds

Friday, January 20th, 2012

When it comes to braces/aligners and which one to choose inLeeds, it comes down to two basic principles- finance and eligibility; you can also throw a hint of vanity into the equation as well. If you can set up a payment plan before you set sail on the torrid sea, then you will have no problems at all with choice. If you are young, wearing braces can put you through an emotional time during the most important years of your life. Traditional metal braces can look ungainly, but they are super efficient and if you can bear the ridicule for a couple of years you will be a beautiful swan at the end of it all and they are the cheapest option. But if you do not want to put yourself through the ‘ribbing’, there are some fantastic clear aligners on the market that are fast, ‘invisible’ and are removable so that you can clean your teeth properly and eat your dinner. If you have only a few teeth that are messing up your smile, then you can opt for some of the slicker treatments around. The 6 Months Smile does exactly that, makes you smile in 6 months, whereas, the Inman aligner will make you smile in just 6 weeks! All of these magical devices are designed to do specific jobs and you may find yourself pulling your hair out with choice. But the best thing you can do is seek advice from your dentist and find out what your teeth are doing, if a certain device is suitable for you and then jump in at the deep end without fear. What is a short period of time in your life of tooth aligning compared to a life’s worth of endless smiling?

A Fit Mouth can Lead to a Fit Body in Leeds

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Healthy of mind, healthy of body, but there is also another more essential part of this equation too, a healthy mouth. So many things can go wrong quickly in the mouth that can lead to disaster throughout the body. The main aim of all dentists is to protect the occlusion or bite of the mouth, so that your jaws will come together properly. To do this, they will ensure the teeth are straight by using braces and that the mouth is free of decay, and if not use restorative techniques to keep the teeth up to scratch. People who grind their teeth too are putting the occlusion at risk and also putting unnecessary stress on the jaw joints. If all these factors go unchecked, you may not only damage your jaws, but be doing damage to you sinuses, ears, neck and upper back too. Gum disease can cause severe damage to the internal organs: overtime, a repetitive leaking of poison into the bloodstream can damage the liver, kidneys and heart. It is imperative for you and your body, that you maintain a high level of hygiene in the mouth and maintain a healthy diet. You should also work closely with your dentist and wean from them as much advice and information as you can, so that at the merest sign of anything going wrong in your mouth, you can identify it immediately and get the problem sorted out before it gets out of control.

Making the choice of Braces in Leeds

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Yes, it’s the news you’ve been dreading for ages, you are going to have to get your teeth straightened. It can be quite harrowing having to wear braces, especially if you have to be a school while it’s happening, for not only do you have to put up with the playground ridicule, if the treatment is complex, you may be wearing them for around three years. But before you run off and hit the panic button, you may well like to take a look of the range of options that are around in Leeds to get your teeth sorted out. Choice will always come down to what your dentist thinks is the best option and what treatment you need and what you can afford, but here goes. Firstly, braces are either fixed for the duration or the can be removed at certain times during the day so that may affect your choice from the start. Fixed braces have come a long way from the bad old days using modern materials to sit discreetly in the mouth and the good thing about them from the health of your mouths point of view, they move the teeth slowly and precisely allowing the teeth to grow naturally as they move- but they do pose a problem when it comes to oral hygiene as they are hard to clean-persevere and you’ll master it. This is not a problem for the removable aligner however and if you happen to be able and lucky enough to opt for one of the ‘invisible’ aligners on the market, you’ll definitely be free from ridicule anywhere you go. Your dentist will be able to show you the choices at your disposal.

Thumb sucking in Leeds

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Thumb sucking is a natural thing in babies- it’s comforting, relaxing and helps them to sleep. As strange as it sounds in Leeds, some adults still suck their thumbs too- maybe for the very same reasons. But for all the soothing qualities of having a thumb in the mouth for a child (and adult), it has also been linked to teeth that grow incorrectly, altering the way the teeth position themselves as they come through- leading to a higher cahance of having to wear braces in the future. This is especially if the sucking is aggressive and repeated over and over again. Normally, and quite naturally, this will stop as the child grows older and should not overtly interfere with the growth of teeth. But doctors and parents do prefer to see children start to wean themselves away from the problem from around the age of four, by trying to incorporate various methods. Some may sound bizarre, some way outdated. Things like informing the child about the risks- although as we well know, parents can get a bit ‘colorful’ by adding what will happen, should they continue to suck their thumbs; they will fall off or, a man will burst through the door and cut them off with scissors! Some parents will even dip the thumbs is something that is revolting to the taste- whatever the method used, it’s certainly a difficult problem to break.

Braces fitted by Central Leeds dentists solve all problems with imperfect smiles

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Braces are a very clever way of solving all possible problems with the alignment of your teeth. Everybody is different and there is nothing out of the ordinary with developing a set of teeth that are not perfectly aligned with one another and all straight and tidy. Many people have a few teeth which are crooked or a bite which is skewed over to one side or the other. Braces remain the most effective way to solve these issues once and for all.
They work using wires to pull teeth gradually into the desired positions which your dentist has determined will give you a straighter smile. These wires are threaded through brackets which are attached firmly to your teeth using sturdy dental composite. At regular meetings with your dentist they will make small adjustments and tighten the wires as necessary so that your teeth are moved into position.
Many youngsters find them to be unsightly and they often have to be worn for several years in order for the treatment to work. Several newer products avoid these problems with faster treatments and a discreet look, but not all of them can solve every alignment issue like braces can. Some of them, for example, cannot actually rotate teeth, only move them slightly.
Despite preconceptions that braces are only suitable for the young, they can be fitted at any age and still be effective, in spite of how many years old you are. If you are interested in having the treatment then you should make the time to go and see your Central Leeds dentist who will be able to any all of your queries about braces and how they work.

Getting the Right dental Braces in Leeds

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Choosing the right braces comes down to number of factors from age, who you are and where you are. If you are young and still at school, it can be a tempestuous time and so you want to get through it pretty much unscathed and your choice of braces is of the utmost importance. Most now sit discreetly in the mouth, unlike the ‘railway connections at Leeds train station’ looking braces that were once the only option; the ‘Damon’ and ‘the 6 months smile’, colour code their fittings to match your teeth. But for total discretion, feast your eyes on ‘Clear smile’ or ‘Invisalign’, for these are completely transparent- and removable too! These braces also work for adults, though at this stage of life, lengthy treatments may not fit into your equation, although the clear aligners probably would because the offer total discretion- great for work and great at home, and if your have an incredibly important 2 hours to get through, then simply take them out!
But if it’s speed you want, the ‘6 months smile’ will suit you down to the ground, because it takes…..6 months. However, if you want a rocket ship of an aligner, and if you’re suited to wearing it, just check out the Inman aligner; it’s removable during the treatment, relatively cheap, painless and…..sit down for a moment….it works in as little as 6 weeks!!! If you are unsure what you want, take a list of things that you want in a brace to your dentist, and they will tell you what one to go for.

Invisalign treatments in the city of Leeds

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

We have enough to deal with in life as it is, in the city of Leeds, without the indignity of having to wear a brace as well! Just to get our teeth fixed? It’s enough to send you mad. But having to get our ‘teeth fixed’ is important to our oral health, so fix them we must and besides, wearing a brace has lost a lot of it’s stigma over the years, thanks to some great advances in the technology. A great example of this is Invisalign treatment. It’s discreet and it’s fast, and though a little more expensive than most other aligners (treatment starts at around £1800), the program offers more advantages. Its beauty starts with the consultation. Thanks to 3-D imaging, your dentist can show you projected step by step images of how your teeth will develop, and how you would like them to develop, throughout the treatment, and a projected finished image. When you are happy with your choice you will be fitted with your first aligner- this will be changed regularly as your teeth start to move. You have two great advantages during this treatment over other methods. The aligner is manufactured from a very thin, transparent plastic making it very difficult to detect in your mouth, and it’s removable, which is great for eating and hygiene. But Invisalign’s final ‘trump card’ is that it’s a lot faster than other treatments, normally taking around a third of the time.

The choice of braces in central Leeds

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Choosing the right type of brace in central Leeds can be a bit of a minefield but it is important, for many reasons, to get your teeth fixed and keep them healthy. Your choice can boil down to what you can afford, how much work you require or and even how vain you are (wearing a brace can also affect you psychologically). Whatever you choose, there are a lot of options out there, so a consultation with your dentist should point you in the right direction. The most popular braces are those that are discreet and removable. The Inman aligner is the fastest on the market, working on the front teeth in as little a 6 weeks, and it’s removable which is great for dinner dates and hygiene. As are the Clearstep and Invisalign treatments. These are clear, removable mouth guards that align the teeth a lot faster than conventional fixed, wire braces and are virtually invisible in the mouth. The Damon brace is a more common brace on the market. Though fixed, it incorporates clear or tooth coloured ceramic plates on the teeth connected by a single wire that is adjusted regularly at the dentist, but does require more attention to oral hygiene. The other alternative is the 6-month smile. This fixed brace is aimed more at the adult market and does what it claims in 6 months; again, it is designed for discretion in the mouth.

Get Your Braces from the Best Dentist in the City Of Leeds

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Are you new to the City of Leeds and looking for a good dentist to go to? You have to be absolutely sure about the skills of the dental practice you wish to visit, especially if you are looking for braces to straighten your crooked teeth. Teeth straightening work is usually a difficult process and you need to be confident about the doctor’s abilities.
The first thing you should do is to get some background knowledge about the work you wish to get done. Find out all about the latest developments in teeth straightening technology so that you can skip any dental procedure that takes too long or which causes you too much pain and discomfort. You might also save some money in the process, since modern procedures normally get over very quickly.
If you are looking to straighten your teeth, it would be far better for you to opt for a new treatment called the 6 Months Smile, instead of conventional braces which are ugly and uncomfortable. Normal braces make you very self conscious and you might find it hard to even smile for photographs.
This new technology is not yet available everywhere, so you should look for a dental practice in the City of Leeds that offers it. It is worth the effort, because you will be able to avoid going through all the discomfort and embarrassment of wearing old fashioned braces. You will also get over your fear of dental visits when you realize how easy the new techniques are.

Leeds dentist offers the latest modern braces for maximum comfort

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

If we were being completely honest, in an ideal world no one would want to have braces and would always choose to have perfectly straight teeth. Unfortunately, we can’t all be that lucky and for many people the only option to straighten crooked or uneven teeth is to have orthodontic treatment.

Braces have existed in one form or another for many years ranging from the archaic, almost torture-like braces of the early twentieth century up to the discreet and slick braces of today. But because many people still identify braces with the now old-fashioned metal ‘train track’ style they can still find them a rather unpleasant proposition.

Dentists in Leeds now offer a range of completely modern braces that all address the rather unpleasant aspects of the old style fixed brace. One of the most common complaints against braces has always been the length of treatment but with new treatments like Six Month Smile and the Inman aligner, treatment can now last less than half as long as previously possible. Braces such as Invisalign are almost totally invisible being made of extremely thin clear plastic. And Damon braces, although fixed, use brackets that are made of plastic and ceramic so as to be virtually invisible. The Damon brace is also incredibly comfortable on the teeth and requires no painful tightening sessions with the dentist.

For anyone who may need braces but still remains unsure, talk to your dentist about the array of new treatments available. You’re bound to be pleasantly surprised with the possibilities of modern dentistry.