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Central Leeds dentist offers wide range of options for braces

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

People of a certain age will naturally respond with a shudder at the thought of braces. The unseemly and uncomfortable fixed metal brackets that made it impossible to eat certain foods, made eating normal food messy and worst of all, made you stand out a mile off. Being forced to wear a brace in your teenage years, because that is when braces are most effective, always seemed like some sort of cruel irony, but luckily for this and future generations, orthodontic treatment has definitely changed.

Modern braces are almost unrecognisable from those of the past. Smaller, slicker and more discreet to the point of invisibility, the reign of the train-track metal brace is over. Today, patients are faced with a choice of many different types of treatment, all with their own distinct advantage ranging from the discreet to the ultra fast. If discretion is the top priority, retainer braces such as Invisalign offer teeth straightening with one millimetre thick clear plastic retainers that are almost invisible. They are also completely removable so can be taken out for important occasions and, crucially, for eating. By using a system of twenty or so retainers worn for two to three week periods, Invisalign offers straightening without any aesthetic damage.

For patients looking for a quick fix, after all some braces do require more than two years of treatment, revolutionary new braces such as the Inman aligner and Six-Month Smile can straighten teeth 75 per cent faster than most conventional braces. By focusing more on the teeth visible when smiling, these braces use tooth coloured titanium wires to put the finishing touches to smiles in record time. Because of the incredible straightening power of these new braces, they are increasingly being used in the run up to special occasions and are very popular with brides-to-be.

For perfectly straight results patients can use the newest version of the fixed metal brace. The Damon brace bears a slight resemblance to the old train-track braces, with the emphasis being on slight. The system uses small fixed brackets made of clear plastic and white ceramic and a revolutionary self-ligating wire that requires no tightening.

All these new braces vary in cost and suitability for each patient. A Central Leeds dentist will be able to give a further guide to prices and assess which brace would be most suitable for your teeth. What is for sure however is that thankfully dental technology has progressed and braces are no longer something to be feared.

Leeds dentist straightens teeth in six weeks with Inman aligner

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Everybody wants to have straight teeth, but for those not born with naturally straight nashers, the only real option is to have them straightened. In the past this has meant wearing uncomfortable and unseemly metal braces, which can be the source of great embarrassment, especially for teenagers. More recently, we have seen the advent of invisible plastic braces which, while discreet, often take a very long time to be effective.

Now, however, there is a new alternative. A straightening device that is as discreet as invisible braces and as effective as the old fashioned metal ones. The Inman aligner works by using a coiled spring on the tongue side of the teeth which simultaneously pushes the side teeth back and the front teeth forwards. In doing so it creates room for the front teeth to move into and straighten.

The Inman aligner is not completely invisible. There is a metal bar that sits in front of the teeth but due to the astonishing speed of results, most patients and dentists don’t see this as a major disadvantage. Most treatments show results between six and sixteen weeks, which compared to the months and even years of conventional braces, is incredibly fast.

When initially used the aligner can cause some minor discomfort due to the pressure being exerted on the teeth but this rarely lasts more than a week as you become accustomed to it. Other than this the process is completely painless.

The Inman aligner is mostly suitable for patients with minor straightening issues. Any serious overcrowding will require more substantial corrective treatment but for patients looking to put the finishing touches to their straight teeth, there really is no substitute. The Inman aligner is also completely removable so can be taken out to eat or if the patient so desires in the circumstances.

If your teeth could do with being that little bit straighter, talk to a Leeds dentist about the Inman aligner, and within six weeks you could have the straight toothed smile you’ve always wanted. Call 0113 245 4868 to make an appointment with Dr Gakhal