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Pretty Teeth with Porcelain Veneers in Leeds

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

There are many ways to cover up the aging process of the teeth in; things like cracks and general wear and tear in your teeth can affect your confidence and leave you feeling depressed. But you could do no wrong by opting for porcelain veneers to get you up and out there again. It’s not an expensive treatment- it’s even available on the NHS and it’s an easy, painless experience. Your dentist will first shave away the tooth’s enamel and then take a ‘putty’ imprint to send away to the lab so that thy can make your veneers. Until then, you will have to wait a couple of weeks, whilst wearing false veneers, but this is nothing to worry about because as soon as you have the veneers cemented onto the surface of your teeth and look in the mirror for the first time, you will be overwhelmed by the transformation. Porcelain is a beautiful material. It looks so natural and compliments the mouth, leaving you with a smile you thought you had lost forever. And if you have worked yourself into an excited frenzy about having this treatment done to the point that you can’t wait those two weeks, find a dentist in Leeds that offers CEREC treatment and you can be in and out with new veneers in 2 hours!

Having lumineer treatment in Leeds

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Every year that goes by, more and more techniques are developed to put the smile back in our mouths and convince us of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and in Leeds you can see it everywhere you go. We’re constantly bombarded with images of people smiling the ‘perfect’ smile. But now it’s becoming more accessible to all of us and not just those in a poster or on the telly. Teeth do take a battering over time and become stained chipped or cracked and if you work in the public eye all the time, it’s almost become a requirement to look clean cut and confident, and radiating a glamorous smile can reflect that. One of the latest trends is to get lumineers fitted. They aren’t exactly long lasting mind, about 5 years maximum, but to dismiss their shelf life is to dismiss the philosophy behind them; they will restore an incredible sheen to the teeth. They are constructed from a patented porcelain that’s very thin (a third of a normal veneer) and very strong, and this is where they have an advantage over standard veneers when they are fitted. Tooth preparation is minimal- once the imprint has been taken and sent off to be made, the only work that is done to the tooth is a light polishing. None of the original enamel is removed from the tooth and the lumineer is simply bonded straight onto the tooth (making the process reversible) with a light cement and then cured with a heat lamp Normal treatment time is around 2 weeks from imprint to fitting. However, incorporating CEREC methods, the whole process can be done in a single sitting and being comparable in price to other procedures, lumineers are a very attractive option to those of us on the go.