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Get the facts about fluoride use from Leeds dentists

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Fluoride is a chemical that helps your mouth stay healthy by strengthening the enamel which protects your teeth. It has been the subject of on-going controversy about how good it is for people; it can be difficult to establish the facts and the fiction amongst all the claims and counter claims which can be found.
Fluoride for most people will be found in the tooth paste which they use to brush their teeth with and, for many, in the tap water that they drink. Increasingly there are tooth pastes available which don’t have any fluoride in but dentists recommend that it is used so that enamel can be strengthened against the plaque which might otherwise break it down.
The introduction of fluoride into the tap water supply in the United Kingdom was met with opposition from some quarters. Many felt that it was an infringement of civil liberties to take away the choice of whether to consume fluoride or not. For some, the controversy was in the fact that fluoride as a substance can be harmful to human beings.
It is true that if fluoride is taken in too larger quantity then it can have damaging effects. A condition called dental fluorosis can occur but this is very rare and the amounts of fluoride in question are huge. Very young infants are advised against using fluoride tooth paste in case they swallow it, but adults are not at risk from fluoride.
Your Leeds dentist will be able to tell you all about fluoride but it is certain that they will support the use of it when tooth brushing. Some people like to take fluoride supplements (available from many pharmacies) if they live in an area where there is a low fluoride content in the water but using it in the form of tooth paste is usually enough.

Fluoride- Good or Bad in Leeds

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

In the days when fluoride first came to light, along with many new treatments around then, they were thrown onto the open market as the new ‘must have’, without proper research done to see if there were any side affects attached. However, on the whole, fluoride has come through, pretty much unscathed. But as good as it’s track record is, it does have some ‘alarming’ qualities too, which is why some dentists in Leeds are turning to less toxic products to treat their patients with, especially children. Kids love to eat toothpaste and swallow more than they should. This can be quite dangerous, as too much fluoride in the bloodstream can discolour teeth and leave unwanted deposits in the brain, which is why many children’s toothpastes are fluoride free. Yet the use of fluoride still notches up wonderful successes in dental treatments. It’s invaluable for promoting minerals and hardening enamel in teeth, and fighting decay by keeping saliva levels up-which is important for killing off acids and bacteria in the mouth and hence keeping plaque and gum disease at bay. All this is possible because all forms of products associated with oral hygiene have some level of fluoride in them. In a modern world, there is enough information at hand to make a logical, informed decision for yourself and of course you have your dentist. But like anything in life, everything done in moderation is going to be fairly harmless in the long run…isn’t it?

Improve your teeth with advice from City of Leeds dentists

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Your smile will be one of the first things that someone sees when you are being introduced to them and as such it forms part of the initial impression you will make on them. But having healthy teeth is not just about your looks. It is also vital in ensuring that your mouth is effective and functions as it ought to. Your dentist will be able to advise you on the best ways to keep your teeth healthy.
The most important thing is to brush your teeth in the right way. You should do this at least twice a day and most people choose first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Brushing is done to remove the plaque from your mouth which forms from the food you eat. By using a tooth paste which is fortified with fluoride you can strengthen your teeth’s enamel and guard against cavity formation.
Be sure to brush for about three minutes but not too vigorously as this can damage the enamel that you are aiming to protect. Floss too so that plaque is removed from between your teeth and won’t cause gum disease. This is important because gum disease is actually a leading cause of tooth loss in itself.
Certain activities are best avoided if you want to keep your teeth healthy. Smoking tobacco and drinking too much alcohol can be bad for your mouth and obviously eating a diet which includes less sugary food is desirable to keep your mouth in good shape.
If you are worried about the health of your teeth you can talk to your City of Leeds dentist about it at the six month check ups which should also form part of your routine.

Getting the Right Tooth Paste in Leeds

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

When it comes to buying toothpaste in Leeds, you’d have probably noticed that there is a lot to choose from- there are powders, pastes and gels and you may have to experiment at first to get one that suits you. And if you have a family of course, you have to take into consideration their needs too. Generally, most pastes come with certain ingredients already added. Calcium carbonate is used as an abrasive that aid the removal of bacteria and stains. All will contain some form of flavouring, thickeners and detergents, but the most important ingredient that toothpaste should have, and is widely supported by dentists, is fluoride. This natural mineral has proven to be quite a deterrent over the years to plaque and tooth decay. It enhances saliva and hardens (and enriches) the tooth’s enamel- although caution should be taken when children are involved. Once you are happy with all these, there are a few other matters to consider. Some toothpaste will include some form of tartar control, very important if you are prone to it. If you have sensitive teeth, there are products out there designed specifically to overcome this problem. Finally, for those of us that seek the Hollywood touch, there are pastes, gels and powders that contain a whitening agent to keep your teeth ‘pearly white’- a smokers’ choice too. If you are still unsure, you can always ask your dentist- they know as much about your teeth as you.