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The Problems of Dry Sockets in Central Leeds

If you’ve just had an extraction in central Leeds of late, it’s very important that you take care of the wound afterwards, for many reasons, one of them being the development of a dry socket that can lead to further complications. Once a tooth is removed, a blood clot would normally form to aid the healing process, but if this does not happen, the surrounding bone and wound are vulnerable to infection and bacteria that can lead to the socket becoming dry. A normal extraction can take around 5 days to heal, longer in the case of teeth at the back of the mouth, but if dryness sets in, the pain can intensify around the removal site and expose the rest of the mouth to infection and gum disease, and also lead to problems in the ears and eyes. Hygiene is important in combating this problem. If the problem starts, it’s important to revisit the dentist for medication, and this may also require subsequent visits to combat the problem. Essentially, the wound should be kept clear- certain stodgy foods such as potatoes and nuts should be avoided during healing as they can lead to a build up of bacterial particles in the mouth. The use of a good mouthwash should be used after eating to remove any food left in the mouth and if the problem prevails, a dentist can prescribe drugs and recommend the use of herbal remedies such as clove and Echinacea oil.

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