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A dentist can help cure thumbsucking when nothing else can, says City of Leeds dentist

Does your child persist in thumbsucking long after he or she has crossed infancy? This habit will no longer look cute and it is most certainly a cause for worry for you. If thumbsucking persists into childhood, it can create a lot of problems for the child. For starters, he or she will be emotionally dependant on the thumb. This is not even a pacifier or a toy that you could just fling away.
A popular City of Leeds dentist warns that parents have to try whatever they can in order to rid their child of this habit. If it continues, the child could have badly protruding upper or lower front teeth, requiring expensive and uncomfortable braces later on in life. The child will also have a lot of emotional and psychological issues stemming from feelings of insecurity and inferiority.
This habit can also expose a child to a lot of germs and this can have very serious consequences,
Parents could try substituting a pacifier for a thumb so that it can be thrown away later on to get the child out of the habit. Some parents stick an adhesive tape to the finger being sucked so that the child stops doing this out of disgust. It might also be necessary to take a stubborn child to a dentist so that the child can understand the gravity of the situation. If this does not work, the dentist will prescribe the use of a tooth guard to help solve this problem.

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