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A New Type Of Fixed Braces In The City Of Leeds

2445507_blogIf you are considering orthodontic treatment but worry that a strong hold on your teeth might cause unnecessary pain, then the new Damon braces may be just what you’re looking for. Damon braces are a perfect compromise between the traditional fixed ‘train track’ options and the more modern invisible brace. Their self-litigating system ensures that teeth are effectively moved to the desired position with the aid of wires and small brackets.

What can Damon braces be used for?

Damon braces are a suitable treatment for a number of orthodontic issues, including crowding of the teeth, overbites and underbites, unwanted gaps between teeth and protruding front teeth amongst a number of other concerns.

Features of the Damon braces

The clear brackets that feature in the Damon braces are a much more discreet choice than metal brackets, and both the clear and metal bracket options are significantly smaller than regular braces. The style of Damon braces means that there is no need to use elastic ties, which can often attract plaque, and the light wire that is used moves teeth faster than traditional braces, meaning fewer adjustments are needed. Furthermore, the Damon braces are easy to clean, very comfortable, and often don’t require teeth extractions prior to fitting.

The treatment

Before we provide you with your braces, we will take a few X-Rays of your mouth in order to get a better understanding about the health of your teeth and jaw. Once we have your results, we can then discuss the appropriateness of Damon braces along with expected treatment length and costs.

After your braces have been fitted we will meet with you regularly to adjust the wires and keep tabs on your progress. Each appointment is usually short and the overall time you can expect to wear your Damon brace is 6 months shorter than if you were wearing a regular brace.

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