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A White Smile for a White Wedding

wedding smileEvery bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. Months are spent planning to make sure that the dress fits, the hair and make-up looks perfect and that a professional photographer will be on hand to capture the memories the couple and their family will treasure for the rest of their lives.

But those photographs will not look quite so impressive if the bride or groom’s smile is less than dazzling. This is why couples are now choosing to undergo cosmetic dentistry ahead of their big day, in order to get the perfect white smile for their wedding.

Treatment from London dentists can range from procedures that have to be planned a few weeks or months in advance, such as orthodontic braces to fix crooked or gappy smiles, to those that can be booked just a few days before the ceremony. The latest teeth whitening treatments use lasers to have an immediate impact on the colour of your teeth and are the perfect quick fix, especially if you thought of cosmetic dentistry at the last minute.

Many patients expect orthodontic work to take years to fix their teeth, but there are modern brands, such as the Invisalign Lite plastic aligners and Social 6 lingual braces, which are designed especially to work quickly on just the front teeth, the ones that are most likely to be seen in the wedding photographs.

If you are too late even for these rapid options and are worried that your crooked or missing teeth are going to stick out in the wedding snaps, there is still hope. Porcelain veneers can be fitted over your natural teeth in just a couple of appointments – one to take measurements and one to attach the thin veneers, masking any problems with your smile and creating a perfect one for the perfect wedding day.

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