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Angry Ankylosis can devastate your mouth in the City of Leeds

398467_blogTeeth can be a real bane throughout your life in the city of Leeds, but just how good your teeth are in adult life depends solely on how well they have developed when you were a young child, and especially when the milk teeth depart and the second ones come through. If all goes well, it should be a natural transition from one tooth to the other. If though something doesn’t go smoothly, maybe from tooth decay or an infection, the first teeth will impede the second teeth from coming through. The adult teeth may grow in all directions, maybe become impacted too and this is where the teeth suffer from ankylosis. It can cause infection to the other teeth around it and you may have to have some form of treatment to rectify it- later on if the damage has been bad, you may require some orthodontic treatment or surgery to correct the problem. It isn’t the prettiest of conditions to suffer from, especially being an innocent child during all of this. It is vital that a dentist monitors this period in a child’s life in order that the condition can be dealt with as soon as it happens.

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