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Ask Leeds dentist about the safety of fluoride

Fluoride is an element that naturally occurs in both water and food and has a beneficial impact on the teeth. So much so, that for the last eighty years or so we have been adding it to drinking water as a preventative measure against tooth decay. As well as this there is also a range of fluoride toothpastes and supplements that people use in areas of low fluoridation of the water.

In recent years there has been some controversy surrounding the presence of fluoride in the water and the supposed benefits. This has also led to many people being unsure as to whether they should be supplementing their, or their children’s diets with fluoride. Dentists recommend that you should never give fluoride to children under the age of six or let them use toothpaste with fluoride, as it can be hazardous in large levels. It is also true that fluoride can cause a condition called fluorosis, which causes discolouration of the teeth ranging from small white specks to larger brown discoloured patches. This happens when teeth are in their developing years before the age of six and cannot be removed.

Different areas in the UK have differing levels of fluoride in the water so it is probably best to find out how much is in your water supply. Your Leeds dentist will be able to tell you how much is in the local supply and give you an idea if you need to be supplementing your diet with fluoride or using a different toothpaste.

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