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Bowl Your Friends Over With A Blinding Bridge

Sensual and FreshLosing a tooth can be upsetting, but with a dental bridge, you can bowl you friends over with a dazzling smile and enjoy greater confidence and improved self-esteem.

What are dental bridge solutions?

A dental bridge is created to replace missing teeth and they are an affordable durable option. The most common form of bridge is the traditional fixed dental bridge, which is made of a false tooth, which is supported by a new crown on each side. Bridges are commonly made from ceramics, such as porcelain, which is fused to metal, but you can also get precious metal bridges.

Bridges are designed for the individual patient and they are fabricated based on a mould, which ensures that the bridge fits perfectly. Once it is ready, your dentist will place it in position and then secure it. Bridges last around 10-15 years.

How could a dental bridge benefit me?

It’s always beneficial to replace a missing tooth, for health reasons, as well as aesthetic and functional reasons. Bridges are more affordable than dental implants and they should last for up to 15 years if they are well cared-for; with ceramic bridges, you also get an amazing, natural looking aesthetic, so you won’t be able to tell the difference between the bridge and the natural teeth when you smile. Replacing missing teeth not only gives you more confidence when you smile, it also enables you to eat properly and improves the clarity of your speech.

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