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Broken tooth repaired by CEREC technology at Leeds dentist

There have been astonishing leaps forward in dental technology in the last 30 years. The dentist surgeries most of us visited as children are no longer and today dentist surgeries today resemble health spas more than hospitals. The technology that is behind these advances is truly cutting edge. One of the very latest is CEREC technology. This stands for CEramic REConstruction and is a revolutionary new system that allows dentists to design, manufacture and fit a crown in a patient’s mouth in only visit. In the past, this lengthy process would have taken a few weeks and several gruelling visits to the dentist for moulding and x-rays.

Uncomfortable dental moulds are becoming a thing of the past as 3D imaging becomes an ever more useful tool in dentistry. A dentist can now take an image using a digital 3D camera and transfer this to a computer. There they can examine the image in microscopic detail and make sure the measurements are incredibly accurate before beginning the manufacturing process. The computer relays the information to a milling device that can make a crown from a single piece of porcelain. The porcelain will be matched exactly for shade and colour so that it matches existing teeth, and even stained to give a more realistic appearance. The dentist will then glaze the crown before cementing it to the patients pre-ground tooth.

This new technology-based process is known as CAD/CAM, which stands for computer aided design/computer aided manufacture, and has enable dental procedures to be performed in radically reduced periods of time to a greater degree of accuracy. Leeds dentists are using CAD/CAM technology to cut appointment and waiting times and provide some of the most astonishing dental treatments possible. You could have a perfectly matched and measured dental crown in a matter of minutes, and compared to 30 years ago, that would have been unimaginable.

So if you have a cracked or broken tooth that needs a crown to repair it, ask your dentist about CEREC technology, the future of dentistry, and prepare to be amazed.

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