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Brushing you way to victory in Central Leeds

608718_blogOne of the most important ingredients in your oral hygiene is your toothbrush, because if you get this right, you will be well on the way to keeping plaque, tooth decay and gum disease at bay. Don’t be ashamed to ask your dentist to help you with finding the right brush and when you get it, ask if you are using it right. Everyone’s mouths are different in Leeds and when choosing your brush, make sure your get a brush with bristles that suit yours. There are many different styles and shapes to hand-held brushes, so you may have to try a few out first before settling on the one for you. Of course though, electric brushes have become most peoples choice, not only because they do all of the work, but because of their efficiency at cleaning the surfaces of your teeth. Some rotate, some pulse up and down and other are specifically designed to break down plaque and tartar; the water-pick design will even fire a jet of water that can remove foodstuffs from between the teeth and below the gum-line. In any brush you choose, remember that the efficiency of the heads will diminish over time and will need to be changed after a while. Finally, bear in mind that your teeth change as you grow older so you will maybe have to change your brush as well to cater for this.



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