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CEREC technology cuts waiting times at Central Leeds dentists

Dentistry has made enormous strides in the last twenty years, both in terms of technology and treatment. The intimidating surgeries of the past are no more and today dental surgeries resemble health spas more than hospitals. Technological advances have also greatly improved the accuracy and speed of treatment and none more so than the advent of CEREC technology. CEREC stands for Ceramic REConstruction and is a new tool that allows dentists to measure, design, fabricate and install a new crown all in one visit. Using the old methods of laboratory manufacture, a new crown would take several weeks and multiple visits to the dentist.

Using the very latest in 3D imaging, the dentist is able to produce an exact replica of the patient’s mouth on the computer. The dentist can then examine in minute detail what size the new crown needs to be. Once he is satisfied the crown is exactly the right size and shape he can begin the manufacturing process. This incredible process is involves sculpting the crown from a single piece of ceramic using milling devices. This whole process can last as little as six minutes, which is quite significantly faster than the days or weeks this process used to take.

The ceramic used to create the tooth can be chosen to most closely match the colour of the patient’s existing teeth and can be additionally stained to look even more realistic. The tooth requiring the crown is ground down sufficiently to accept the new cap, which is then cemented in place.

CEREC technology is cutting waiting times for all patients and making dental procedures a much less arduous and anxious experience for patients. Ask a Central Leeds dentist about CEREC technology and the future of dental surgery.

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