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Choosing a Tooth Brush in Central Leeds

In the ongoing rush to keep our teeth clean in central Leeds, it should always be remembered that it all starts with a good toothbrush and choosing the right type that suits you can be a bit of a minefield. There are so many shapes and sizes, hard bristles, soft bristles, angled brushes- and then you can move into the world of electric brushes and as fantastic as they are in their cleaning actions, some may be very abrasive and completely unsuitable for your mouth. It can be a matter of trial and error until you get this right, as all our mouths tend to be different, with different agendas and requirements; it’s not a good idea, for example to continue brushing with the same brush if it is making your gums bleed. The best person to ask advice on this subject is your dentist. They have seen more of the inside of your mouth than you; they know how delicate your gums are and how your teeth are angled and can point you in the right direction. One thing is for sure, you should change your brush regularly- they wear down and then work inefficiently, and they are a great home for bacteria. If you persevere with your search for the right brush and keep a few rules in mind, you should have no problems with cleaning your teeth.

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