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Crown Placement is Easier than ever in Central Leeds

It may be daunting, the idea of getting a dental crown fitted, especially with horror stories of drills electrical filling of the teeth you hear flying around. It is no wonder many people have reservations about crown placement surgery, it is perhaps the common fear of the dentist amplified several times over.

However, dental crown placement in Central Leeds is really nothing to fear. The procedure requires two appointments, set a couple of weeks apart, and can be performed by your regular dentist at your local practice.

The first appointment will involve creating an impression of the tooth which is to be crowned and the fitting of a temporary crown, one that will last until your second appointment. Firstly, your dentist will need to reduce your tooth to the appropriate dimensions by a process known as selective grinding. Once this is complete, an impression of the tooth will be taken (similar to a plaster cast) in order to be sent off and replicated in the form of a permanent crown. Following this, a temporary crown will be place over the tooth in order to last until the permanent crown is ready for fitting. The first appointment will last for a maximum of thirty minutes and can be performed under local anaesthetic to avoid any possible pain caused by the process of grinding.

The second appointment involves cementing the permanent crown over the altered tooth, again this can be performed by your regular doctor. Fixing of a permanent crown normally takes place 7-14 days after the initial appointment, giving time for the fabrication process.

The only side-effects of the procedure are some pain and cutting of the gums during the grinding process, the pain is normally avoided however through proper administration of a local anaesthetic in the area surrounding the tooth.



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