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Dental Implants and their advantages. By a Leeds Central dentist

A Dental Implant is a dental science advance developed in the 1960s, and is still a popular and preferred method of permanently replacing teeth says a Leeds Central dentist. Many people cannot stand to have dentures, so they either suffer in silence or they can have a dental implant. The procedure is not complicated, but it isn’t quick either, it takes between 3-6 months to complete and is available to most people who have a strong jaw bone. It involves a Titanium plate being slid under the gum and screwed straight into the jaw bone. The Titanium reacts with the bone and produces new tissue that grows over it and integrates it into the jaw. In the plate are one or a series of pre-drilled and screwed holes. 3 to 6 months after this, the gum line is opened up again and posts are then screwed into the holes and glued to set them. Then the dentist will complete that operation and slide the newly designer made ceramic teeth into position. These too are glued on to seal them in place. Now you have a set of unique, better than the original, teeth. They require no more looking after than your original teeth, that’s just flossing, brushing and rinsing; they are not subject to interior infection and are easily replaceable if they become accidentally damaged. They really are a wonder of dental science and research, and definitely a good alternative to dentures for anyone who has problems with artificial teeth on a plate.

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