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Easy Crowns in Central Leeds

Having a crown fitted into the mouth can often sound like a rather complex operation, but it is such an easy process and is done by many a dentist in centralLeedsthese days. Crowns are usually required when a tooth has suffered from decay and needs rebuilding to get it back to its glory days and keep your ‘bite’ working true. A crown is also called upon to sit on a dental implant to replace a tooth that has been lost. They are versatile and maintain the health of the mouth. If you have the inclination and the money, you can have a crown made from anything that takes your fancy. However, the more common choices are made from porcelain or gold. Full porcelain crowns are normally fitted where they will not be exposed to the everyday forces that go through the mouth, such as chewing and biting. But if you need strength in the crown to combat these forces, the options are either porcelain-over-metal, very strong and durable or gold, which is even more durable and by its very nature, has ‘give’ that can absorb forces. Once your mouth has been prepped in readiness for your fitting, the crown can be fitted in about 15 minutes. They truly are the option to go for if you want to get your mouth up and running again. And once in they will last you for years if you treat them with respect.

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