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Everything You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

2823674_blogTeeth that are decayed, injured or damaged in any way can be effectively strengthened through the use of dental crowns. They are also sometimes referred to as caps, due to the fact that they are fitted to the top of an existing tooth. They have been specifically designed to duplicate the look of a natural tooth and can give your smile an aesthetic boost.

Different materials used

Crowns may be constructed from a number of materials and new ones are being discovered constantly. They can be constructed from gold, ceramic, or another precious metal, which is then fixed to porcelain and metal. Although a full porcelain crown looks good, it is not the best option for many people. Metal crowns will often be the best solution for teeth at the back of the mouth as they will need to tolerate a large amount of pressure. The kind of crown used most frequently is made of metal fused with porcelain.

Resemble natural teeth

The difference between the natural tooth and the crown will not be noticeable. They have been designed to resemble natural teeth exactly and the shade will have been matched to the other surrounding teeth to ensure it fits in with them. While the permanent crown is being constructed, temporary crowns will be fitted that are more noticeable, but will only be there for about two weeks.

Normally, the crown will require two dental appointments to be fitted, with roughly two weeks in between.

Any decay that is near the pulp tissue may need to be removed in order to halt the onset of damage or decay in the teeth.

If crowns are taken care of they will last for a few years. There is no danger of the actual crown decaying, although the area where the natural tooth and the crown meet could be at risk of decay. To prevent this, you will need to attend regular check-ups at the dentist and maintain a good dental hygiene routine. If you would like more information about dental crowns then do contact the team at City Dental in the heart of Leeds.

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