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Family-Friendly Dentistry

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Dental care is really important for children and the sooner children are introduced to a dentist, the better. We love having children around and our team is really friendly. Our dentists have experience in caring for little ones and they do their utmost to entertain children, reassure them and answer any questions they have. We know that some kids feel very apprehensive about seeing a dentist and we are able to use different techniques to make sure that children feel comfortable and relaxed.

Regular check-ups are a really effective way of reducing the risk of a child developing gum disease and cavities and they allow dentists to keep tabs on any problems and resolve any issues very early before they start to cause pain and unwanted hassle. As well as routine appointments, we also offer preventative dental treatments to protect the teeth and help keep decay at bay.

Family dentistry

We understand that often, time is a luxury and we offer family appointments to enable you to bring everyone together and save you from having to worry about childcare or finding the time to arrange a number of separate sessions. We aim to promote healthy smiles for all our patients and we recommend six monthly check-ups.


Orthodontic issues are very common and we tend to spot the signs early on. Often, the best course of action is to intervene when children are still fairly young, at around the age of 12-16 years old, as the results tend to be very pleasing and early treatment prevents children from suffering unnecessarily.

We also offer adult orthodontic treatment and the range of systems is increasing all the time, so we are able to offer discreet, quick and comfortable treatments.

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