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Fear Of Needles And Alternative Treatments

1788888_blogDental phobia is common and within this area, there are several more specific fears, including a fear of the dentist, the dental drill and pain. One of the most common causes of dental anxiety is a fear of needles and this can make going to the dentist a scary experience. Thankfully, for those who dread getting into the dental chair because of an impending injection, there are alternative methods available, including:

Gel anaesthetic: usually, anaesthetic is injected into the gums before a dental procedure, such as extraction, to prevent any pain; however, it is possible to apply anaesthetic gel to ensure that you don’t feel anything when the needle goes in. If you have a fear of needles and injections, make sure you tell your dentist, so that they are aware and they can take additional steps to make your feel reassured and more comfortable.

Painless injections: one of the main reasons people feel apprehensive about having injections is a painful experience in the past. Painless injections help to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. The Wand is a good example of a modern technique, which helps to eliminate the risk of pain caused by injections; it is a small device, which looks like a standard pen, which is controlled by a computer. The aim of the treatment is to regulate the speed of the flow of fluid, as a sudden surge or fast flow can cause discomfort.

Laser dentistry: laser dentistry is increasingly common and it has a wide range of uses within modern dentistry. One of the main benefits of laser dentistry is that it eliminates pain and drilling, which usually means that no needles are required. Laser treatment can be used to whiten the teeth, detect and treat decay and gum disease, removed decayed tissue and reshape the gums.

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