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Getting your mouth healthy with a Porcelain Crown in Leeds

If you have been finding of late that a tooth has started to be of some discomfort when you eat, the odds are quite high that you are suffering from tooth decay and an x-ray by any dentist in Leeds will confirm it. You may have been lucky and get away with a filling, but pain indicates the tooth decay has well and truly set in- requiring a root canal to save the tooth. Once the decay has gone, the tooth needs restoring for it to function naturally, and the people’s choice is the porcelain crown. If the decay has set into a tooth that doesn’t experience a lot of force to function, then an all porcelain crown will look as beautiful as the original, however, if the original tooth had to work hard with chewing and biting, the equally beautiful, but stronger porcelain-over-metal would be a better choice. These crowns will be made from impressions of the cleaned, damaged tooth and then bonded into the hole. Porcelain crowns can also be attached to implants in the case where the tooth has been lost altogether. Generally, in the case where the original tooth is still in the mouth, a crown should last as long as the tooth, with care; with implants, the crowns should last for life

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