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Goodbye Metal Fillings, Hello White Fillings!

2823674_blogIn the past metal fillings were commonly used to fill cavities, but today white fillings are a much more popular option. If you have an old mercury amalgam filling you would like to replace with a brand new white filling, call us and book an appointment today.

The benefits of white fillings

White fillings are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people choose them as an aesthetically-pleasing solution for tooth decay. White fillings are created using layer of dental composite, a versatile material that comes in an array of tooth-coloured shades. White fillings are designed to match the colour of the natural tooth so we can restore your tooth without impacting on the way it looks in a negative way. Unlike metal fillings, once a composite filling is in place, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the filling and the rest of the tooth structure or see the filling when you smile.

As well as being very discreet, white fillings are also safer and more environmentally friendly than mercury amalgam fillings.

What happens when you have a filling?

Before a filling is placed, the tooth is cleaned thoroughly and any decayed tissue is removed from the cavity. Once the cavity is completely clear, bonding agent will be applied and this helps the composite to stick. The composite, which is soft and malleable at room temperature, is then placed inside the cavity and layered until the cavity is completely full. Your dentist will then shine a curing light onto the tooth and this sets the composite. When the filling is firm, any final adjustments will be made to ensure the filling fits the cavity perfectly. In the case of a replacement filling, where an old mercury filling is replaced with a white filling, the old filling is removed first and disposed of very carefully. The tooth is then cleaned thoroughly before the filling procedure begins.

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