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Healthy Flossing in the City of Leeds

If you were to take a glimpse into the history of dentistry over the past 50 years in the city of Leeds, there has been an incredible rise in products with which to maintain high levels of oral hygiene.

One such addition is dental floss, one of the most essential elements you should have in your daily programme; brushes are good- don’t ever stop brushing, but if you need to get in between the teeth, especially as gaps start to appear as you get older, brushes are too clumsy to get right inside where food can get stuck and breed bacteria, whereas floss can.

Choosing your floss depends on how big your gaps are, as the floss comes in different thicknesses, so this may tax your patience at first until you get the right one for your mouth. Then of course, you have to learn how to use it: your dentist can guide you at first, but if you get a length of floss between your fingers, stand in front of a mirror and watch the way you work it gently between your teeth.

By adopting this in the beginning, you will get better and better and before long, you’ll be doing it with your eyes shut. You can also buy pre-strung floss in packets which eliminates the need to use your fingers. It’s not difficult but this is an important factor in oral hygiene.

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