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How to Achieve Stunning Results with Braces

braces front teethHaving crooked or misaligned teeth can be damaging to your confidence and stop you from showing off your smile.  Your teeth might have been misaligned or crooked from birth or due to thumb-sucking or an accident.  These problems are easily solved by using braces that work with your teeth to correct misalignments with your bite and give you the perfect smile.

Can adults wear braces?

A common misconception is that braces must be fitted during childhood.  It is the optimum time for braces as children’s teeth are still developing and can be shaped easily, but braces are  suitable for adults too.  The length of treatment time with braces varies.  You might only need to wear them for six weeks but some people require them for as long as three years.  This is because braces can solve different problems such as widening your palate or jaw or giving you more space between your teeth.

Wearing braces

Your dentist will take moulds and x-rays of your teeth in order for the brace to fit perfectly with your mouth and correct whatever problems you have.  Brackets are attached to the teeth using an etchant for adhesive strength.  A wire is threaded through the brackets and this is used to adjust the position of your teeth at regular dental appointments.  Retainers are worn after the treatment is complete to make sure that your teeth and jaw don’t relapse into their former problematic positions.

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