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How you can benefit from a Porcelain Crown in Leeds

4207449_blogAny form of damage to your teeth in Leeds requires attention in order to prevent things from getting worse, but you are lucky to be living in a world of cosmetic dentistry and any problems that arise can be easily corrected. Many of these issues may require a crown to be fitted and if you want to retain a natural looking balance to your smile, porcelain is the way forward. Crowns can help you to overcome tooth loss and decay, but they truly are excellent for restoration. There are two types of porcelain crowns you can go for, the first being porcelain-over-metal. This is designed not only to look natural, but for strength too, so this is one that would be positioned where a lot of work is required of it- like at the back of the mouth where a lot of chewing goes on when you eat. A full porcelain crown though would normally fitted near the front of your mouth, more for aesthetics than work, but both options do superb repair work and can be coloured to match the teeth that surround them, making it appear that nothing has gone wrong in the first place.

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