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Incredible Discreet Dentistry With The Inman Aligner

3943593_blogDiscretion is a buzz word when it comes to orthodontics because many people want to have treatment without the worry of it impacting on their looks. Braces are not the most attractive accessory, but we are able to offer discreet treatment systems to straighten your teeth with minimal impact on the look of the smile. One of our most popular and exciting treatments is the Inman Aligner.

The Inman Aligner represents a discreet, rapid alternative to traditional fixed braces for patients who have minor issues with the front teeth. This removable appliance is capable of straightening the teeth in a matter of weeks and the best thing is that the brace is barely visible to other people.

What exactly is the Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is a removable aligner, which consists of a coiled spring and a metal bar. The metal bar is very fine and it runs along the front teeth, while the spring is located behind the teeth. The aligner simply sits on top of the teeth and the forces generated by the two key parts move the teeth. These gentle forces push and pull, squeezing the teeth and causing them to move in the desired direction.

The Inman Aligner is not invisible like Invisalign or Clearstep aligners; however, all that can be seen is the fine metal bar and treatment is so quick that it will be over before you know it.

The average treatment time for the Inman Aligner is just 16 weeks.

Who is an ideal candidate for the Inman Aligner?

This treatment is ideally suited to patients who need minor correction and it is a great choice for those with slightly crooked front teeth, mild crowding or a small diastema (gap between the front teeth). We also recommend the Inman Aligner as a treatment for relapse, which occurs when the teeth start to move after treatment.

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