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Inman aligners are an excellent way to straighten out your teeth, say Leeds dentists

Teenagers in the United States have been smashing the stereotype that exists of adolescents with mouths full of metal braces. This is because you don’t necessarily have to wear a metal brace anymore if you want to get your teeth straightened into a perfect smile. The product that allows them to do this is now available in the United Kingdom too and it is being warmly welcomed by people who care about their appearance but understand that treatment is needed to correct their crooked smile.
The product is called the Inman aligner and it is infinitely more discreet than its traditional metal antecedent. Rather than a mass of metal brackets and wires, the Inman aligner has simplified the whole design of a tooth straightening device. Essentially there are just two working parts: a coiled spring and a straightening bar.
The coiled spring is concealed behind the front teeth and it gently pushes the teeth against the straightening bar which is the only visible part of an Inman aligner. Inman aligners cannot rotate teeth but they are able to straighten out crooked teeth and do so quickly. Patients only need to wear and Inman aligner for an average of six months; this is vastly preferable to the two years of treatment which is sometimes necessary for traditional metal brace wearers.
Speak to your Leeds dentist to see if they are registered with the Inman aligner company. The product might be just what you need to straighten out your teeth fast. Maybe you are getting married and want to sort out your crooked teeth for the big day. Whatever the reason, Inman aligners can sort out your imperfect smile.

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