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Inman Aligners from Your City of Leeds Dentist Quickly and Comfortably Straighten Your Teeth

Inman aligners are a new, patented technology that may be able to straighten your teeth in just 8 weeks. Whether your teeth were crooked from birth or you’ve suffered a physical injury, Inman aligners can help give you the perfectly straight smile that you want. The earlier in your life that you can have them fitted the easier and more effective they are likely to be. If used in your teenage years as your teeth are still developing, they are able to guide your teeth into the perfect position that allows them to function fully and look beautiful.

Inman aligners use a very small nickel spring that puts constant pressure on your teeth, pushing them in to the correct position over several months. The aligners are removable and should be taken out when eating; you may also remove them for social occasion if you wish as long as you are wearing them for the rest of the day. Unlike some types of braces these are not permanently attached to your teeth. Each set will be made to fit your unique set of teeth. The procedure for fitting may take several visits as your City of Leeds dentist takes moulds, sends off the shape and waits for the product to be made. After they have been fitted you will be called back to the dentist at regular intervals just to check that they are comfortable and tight enough to be having an effect.

Since every person’s teeth are unique you will need to speak to your local dentist to see what is the best method of teeth straightening for you. Inman aligners are a very effective treatment that have and will help many people get their best smile.

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