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Invisible Braces?! In Leeds?!

If you know that at some point in your life you are going to have to have your teeth straightened, you will have probably run all of the scenarios that come with it through your head as well, and there is a good chance you have painted quite a grave picture- a mouthful of metal for years clogged up with rotting food because it’s hard to remove…..that’s not good. But take a step back and now paint the complete opposite of that picture and you will arrive at the wonderment that is whipping around Leeds right now- Invisalign. Oh yes, this will blow all of those pre-conceived ideas you ever had about tooth straightening. Firstly, once you have signed on the program, you will then be fitted with one of many aligners that you will change throughout the course to keep your teeth moving. Now the best bits; Invisalign is made from a transparent plastic and once it is fitted, only a hawk would be able to tell that you are wearing it- IT’S INVISIBLE! Now if that were not enough, the aligner is not fixed which means you can take it out at any time and as long as you wear it for around 22 hours a day, that gives you 2 hours freedom to eat, socialise, kiss- whatever. Now if you needed any more convincing, this aligner on average, works in a third of the time than conventional braces. Bet that’s blown away your pre-conceptions!

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