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Keep your breath fresh everyday by visiting a Leeds dentist

Everyone wants to have fresh breath, but the chances are that all of us, at one time or another, has suffered form bad breath. You’ve all seen the adverts on TV promising minty fresh breath all day and all night by using certain gum or mouthwash products but the reality is slightly different. Although these products will mask the smell of bad breath, they don’t prevent the causes of it, and more than likely you will notice it coming back. The only real weapon against bad breath is to take preventative measures. This almost always involves maintaining good standards of oral hygiene.

While it is true that some cases of bad breath, or halitosis as it is otherwise known, are caused by intestinal or digestive problems, over 90 per cent of cases are caused by poor standards of oral hygiene such as inadequate brushing or lack of flossing. In fact, most cases of bad breath are caused by an excess of bacteria in the mouth. The mouth is one of the dirtiest places in the human body, which while unpleasant, is unfortunately true. The conditions in the oral cavity are perfect for bacteria to thrive. Astonishingly, over 500 million bacteria live on the human tongue alone, in the warm and moist grooves of the surface. Food particles get trapped between the gaps in teeth, where normal brushes find it hard to reach, and when they decay release foul smelling sulphurous compounds which are one of the major causes of bad breath.

To combat these bacteria, Leeds dentists recommend that you brush your teeth correctly twice a day, for at least three minutes. Flossing once a day is also essential to remove decaying food matter form the parts conventional brushing cannot reach. It is also advisable to use a special tongue cleaning brush, as most toothbrushes are ineffective at thoroughly cleaning the tongue because the bristles are too soft. Effective cleaning can help to fight plaque, which is a filmy substance full of bacteria that covers the teeth causing bad breath and cavities, so not only will good cleaning keep your breath fresh, but it will also protect your teeth. Definitely two birds with one stone.

At your next dental check up, ask your Leeds dentist about the most effective methods of keeping your teeth and mouth free of bacteria and you can have that feeling of fresh breath confidence everyday.

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