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Leeds dentists tell patients that herbal remedies can be used in the fight against gingivitis

Far too many people in the United Kingdom suffer from gum disease and usually suffer in silence. The reasons for this are perhaps that people are more concerned about the state of their teeth or that some do not visit the dentist regularly enough where the experts can diagnose gum disease. But gum disease is worth taking seriously, if not for the fact that it can be rather painful and inconvenient even in its early stages, but also because it leads to more cases of tooth loss than actual dental decay does.
Many patients want to know exactly what they can do to put a stop to gum disease (professionally known as gingivitis in its early stages) or at least relieve the symptoms. Usually dentists will tell their patients that gum disease is easily dealt with by changing the way that they take care of their teeth. Sometimes patients are advised to use an electric tooth brush because it removes more plaque, sometimes patients are told that they need to floss with greater dedication. Certain mouth washes are available too which have been clinically formulated to deal with gingivitis.
In terms of relieving the symptoms, there are herbal remedies which can help patients. Herbal remedies are a controversial issue for some, with a number of people believing that they simply don’t work. But many independent studies have shown that substances like Echinacea, garlic and cloves can actually reduce the swelling and redness that comes with gum disease. It is always best to seek advice from your Leeds dentist before your pursue any home treatment as some of these can actually be rather abrasive on the teeth, but it is always worth keeping an open mind.

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