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Make your bad breath go away. A Leeds dentist advises

Bad Breath is the bane of everyone, whether it is in your work place or just socialising in the local hostelries, we need to be close to people when we chat and that’s when the problem starts. A Leeds dentist explains that bad breath is usually an Oral Hygiene problem that results from a lax regime. Bad breath can also be a sign of a liver disease or other problem; it is a symptom of a few diseases so always seek medical advice if the problem persists. A good oral hygiene program is the best way to avoid bad breath; it is caused by the production of by-products in the mouth by bacteria which feeds off the residue food left behind after a meal. Bad breath in the morning is due to a dry mouth in the night, as the saliva gland is also asleep when we are asleep. Just keeping a glass of water beside the bed will help the problem. In the morning floss first as this will get in between the teeth and remove hidden debris, brush and rinse to remove any leftover bits of bacteria. Tartar will build up on the teeth and eats away at the enamel, so removing bad bacteria debris is also important throughout the daytime, especially after we have eaten a sandwich or even a bar of chocolate. The fat and sugar residue that gets in between our teeth is the food that bacteria feeds off and makes acid out of, so washing it away by swigging water and flossing is very important.

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