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No Bull, Smiling in 6 Months in Leeds

How do you fancy getting your teeth straightened quickly with the minimum of fuss and pretty damn quickly to boot? The obvious answer is yes. Well floating around the dental surgeries ofLeedsright now is a ‘cracker’ of a device called the 6 Months Smile. Born out of all the good qualities of traditional braces, this has taken those and taken it to the next level of teeth straightening. Its best quality is that it is directed at specific teeth that are causing the problems and then pulls them into place very quickly, because you are down the dentists regularly to have it adjusted. But it also sits rather more attractively in the mouth than traditional braces- tooth colored ceramic plates are placed on the teeth and then all joined together with a discreet wire to the anchors at the back of the teeth. This means it is barely visible, which is just what you want, especially if you are a little older and are in the public eye a lot. And don’t forget, we are talking 6 months here to sort out all those fidgeting worries that have nagged way at you for years. The cost of the treatment averages out around £1900 but not everyone will suit this type of treatment so it is important you find out more from your dentist about this device.

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