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Our Dentists Are Trained To Screen For Mouth Cancer In Leeds

383291_blogMouth cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the UK and the number of cases has almost doubled in the last decade. Our dentists are trained to spot the early warning signs of oral cancer to ensure early intervention and increase he chances of survival as much as possible.

Sadly, the prognosis for many patients diagnosed with oral cancer is poor at the moment and this is almost always due to the fact that cases are diagnosed at a late stage, when there is a distinct possibility that cancer has spread through the body. Cases are diagnosed late because most people are unaware of the symptoms they should be looking out for. Most people know to see their doctor if they feel a lump or notice an abnormal swelling, but surveys show that the majority of people are unaware of the warning signs of oral cancer.

We carry out oral cancer checks during routine check-ups and we also offer oral cancer screening, which enables us to use the latest technology to spot changes in tissue that are not visible to the eye. We also encourage our patients to see their dentist on a regular basis and to look out for the following warning signs: red or white patches in the mouth, swelling in the throat and ulcers that take more than 2 weeks to heal.

With early diagnosis, we can help more people to survive oral cancer. Book your screening appointment or a routine check-up now!

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