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Rocket Inman lands on the City of Leeds

2904341_blogUnless you are making a shed load of money from being a character in a Disney cartoon, having ‘goofy’ front teeth can seriously hold you back and impair your self confidence when trying to express yourself to others: the longer you leave it will also make you less inclined to embark on some lengthy orthodontic treatment; well scratch all of those thoughts because help has descended on the city of Leeds- the Inman aligner. This rocket ship of a device is specifically designed for a condition like buck teeth and it won’t take long either. The device will be made to the dimensions of your mouth and once in, a bar on the inside of your teeth, and a wire on the outside, will rock your teeth loose and then tug them into place fast. How fast? 6 weeks fast!! Now that has got to be an attractive offer to end years of suffering. Throughout the treatment, you can take the aligner out when desired, but as long as you keep it in for at least 22 hours a day, the job will get done. After, you will need to wear a retainer occasionally to prevent the teeth bouncing back, but it won’t take long before they ‘bed-in’ and you will have ended years of woe. Come on, 6 weeks, got to be worth a look eh?

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