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Show Your Loved One You Care With a Surprise Smile Makeover This Christmas

3884462_blogIf you’re wracking your brains for a special and unique gift for a loved one this Christmas, a dental clinic may not seem like the most obvious place to shop. However, we can offer a gift that will truly transform your loved one’s Christmas and make them look and feel amazing for many years to come. Our bespoke smile makeovers are the ultimate treat for the special someone you want to spoil at Christmas time.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a combination of dental treatments designed to create an incredible new smile. All our smile makeovers are bespoke, so every one is different. We select treatments based on a number of factors, including your oral health status, your treatment aims, your budget and whether you have any preferences or requirements, such as a limited time-frame, for example.

Using the latest dental treatments, we can transform even the most unsightly teeth into a radiant new smile – a gift nobody would turn down at Christmas.

Smile makeover treatments

We have an extensive array of treatments on offer, all of which may be included in a custom-designed smile makeover. Popular options include:

  • teeth whitening
  • bridges and crowns
  • white fillings
  • cosmetic braces
  • dental implants
  • veneers
  • cosmetic bonding
  • gum contouring

We tailor each makeover to suit the needs and preferences of the individual and are thorough during the planning stage to ensure we get everything just right. Using smile imaging, we can show you how different treatments would affect the aesthetic of your smile and then create a digital impression of what your smile will look like once treatment has finished and your makeover is complete.

If you’d like to find out more about smile makeovers or are interested in giving your loved one a spectacular gift this Christmas, call us today!

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