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Six Month Smiles Treats A Range Of Orthodontic Problems

2445507_blogIf you’re looking for a quick, discreet and versatile orthodontic treatment in Leeds, let us introduce you to 6 Month Smiles. The name gives it away, as this treatment takes just 6 months to give you beautifully straight teeth.

About 6 Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles is an effective solution for many patients who are looking for a quicker, more discreet alternative to traditional fixed braces. This system focuses on the teeth at the front of the mouth and it uses state of the art technology to move the teeth rapidly; it offers a solution for patients with a wide range of issues that affect the front teeth, including crowding, spacing, crooked teeth and misalignment. It can also be beneficial in some cases of underbite and overbite.

What’s so good about 6 Month Smiles?

Traditionally, fixed brace treatment takes at least 12 months, so 6 Month Smiles offers patients a really speedy alternative. These braces are also small and discreet, featuring clear parts, and they use the latest technology to minimise discomfort. By focusing on the front teeth, these braces ensure amazing aesthetics, which will fill you with confidence when it comes to showing off the results of your treatment.

Many patients have been put off having treatment in the past because they assume that they’ll have to wear braces for at least1 year, if not longer; now, with 6 Month Smiles, treatment is much more appealing to adults and teenagers. The time will fly by and before you know it, it will be time to have your braces off and enjoy your brand new smile.

Is 6 Month Smiles suitable for everyone?

6 Month Smiles is suitable for a large proportion of dental patients; however, it may not be the best solution in very complex cases where a lot of tooth movement is needed. If you are not a suitable candidate for 6 Month Smiles, your dentist will discuss more suitable options with you; whatever your needs, we will find the best solution and ensure every client enjoys a stunning, straight smile.

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