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Six Months and Pow! A Brand New Smile For You To Enjoy

2904387_blogThere’s a popular assumption that orthodontic treatment takes years to work; however, this is not strictly true and there are many treatments available nowadays, which can move the teeth rapidly. We are delighted to offer the amazing Six Month Smiles, which you may have guessed, takes just 6 months to straighten the teeth.

Six Month Smiles is a fixed brace with a difference. This system uses state of the art technology to move the teeth quickly with minimum pain and it focuses on the teeth that you can see when you smile, rather than the full arch. This means that treatment is much quicker, but also that patients with less complex orthodontic needs do not have undergo intensive treatment that is not needed.

Six Month Smiles is suitable for patients of all ages and it can correct a wide range of orthodontic issues, from crooked and crowded front teeth to gaps between the front teeth. It is designed for patients with minor or moderate needs and is an excellent choice for those who are aiming to meet a deadline, such as a wedding or a birthday celebration.

For those looking for a discreet solution, which works quickly, this treatment provides both. The braces are made from tooth-coloured wires and brackets and they are fine and light, making them much more aesthetically pleasing than conventional metal fixed braces.

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