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Stay Healthy Out There – Oral Health Tips for Lockdown and Beyond

With UK businesses now in lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, visiting the dentist is a definite no-no.

Emergency treatment could be difficult to come by for the foreseeable future, so taking good care of your teeth is more important than ever. 

In April’s blog we take a look at some oral health tips to keep abscess and other painful dental nasties at bay.

Brush twice a day

Routine is bound to be the first casualty of the lockdown, but it’s important to maintain the basics – and that means brushing for three minutes, twice a day. Don’t forget proper technique: Make small circular motions, holding the brush at a 45 degree angle.

Don’t forget your tongue

The prospect of romance may be off the cards for a while, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on keeping your breath as fresh as can be by giving your tongue a daily once-over with your toothbrush. 

Go interdental

Food remnants between the teeth are another source of bad breath and plaque build up. Get rid by using an interdental brush before bed. If you haven’t used interdental already, you may be surprised at how fresh and clean they leave you feeling. 

Go electric

Interdental brushes aren’t the only gadget with potential to revolutionise your oral hygiene routine. Going electric lets you (excuse the pun) brush up on your technique and makes for an amazingly fresh feeling. Look out for lockdown deals on electric brushes.

Quit smoking    

The middle of a global pandemic might not seem like the ideal time to give up smoking but the truth is, there will never be a convenient time to kick the habit. Why not use the downtime to pick up some mindfulness techniques and focus on putting the habit behind you – your teeth will thank you!

Watch your diet

A sugary diet is one of the chief causes of dental decay. Sugar turns to acid, which attacks and breaks down the teeth’s enamel. Even acidic fruit is a culprit – so, while the temptation to binge on sugary food could be greater than ever, try to enjoy treats in moderation.    

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