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Straighter teeth in six weeks with Inman aligner from Central Leeds dentist

There are many options available for patients wishing to straighten uneven or overcrowded teeth. Twenty years ago the choice was limited and usually involved unpleasant fixed metal braces that were fitted for periods of up to two years. Today patients have the choice of braces offering treatments which are incredibly discreet, powerful, fast or a combination of all three. One such option is called the Inman aligner and is clinically proven to reduce overall treatment time by as much as 75 per cent.

Dentists prefer to use the Inman aligner in patients with misalignments of the upper and lower front teeth. Using the force created by a coiled spring located on the tongue side of the teeth, the aligner gradually moves teeth into the desired position. A metal bar that runs across the front of the teeth pushes and pulls the front teeth into line. This metal bar is the only visible part of the Inman aligner.

Although the Inman aligner cannot compete with clear plastic retainers such as Invisalign in terms of discretion, its straightening power is more than enough compensation. Treatment times vary from an incredible six to sixteen weeks, although the speed of results is highly dependant on how long you wear the brace for each day. It is recommended that you wear the aligner for at least twenty hours each day but it can be removed for meal times meaning that foods are not restricted like with some other braces. Because of the speed of treatment, Inman aligners are becoming popular with patients wishing to straighten teeth before important social occasions. Brides-to-be are particularly fond of the ultra-fast treatment time offered by the Inman aligner.

Just like any other orthodontic straightening device, the Inman aligner may be slightly uncomfortable at first but this initial discomfort is just the teeth getting used to the pressure and the feeling will pass in a few days. Inman braces cost significantly less than invisible braces but prices will vary according to how much movement is required and the length of treatment necessary. A Central Leeds dentist will be able to give you a more detailed outline of treatment and estimation of costs.

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