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We Also Offer Innovative CT Scans

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

3488681_blogAt City Dental Leeds, we pride ourselves in offering the best treatments and our clinic is packed with the latest technology and equipment. We are proud to have a CT scanner on-site and we accept referrals from other clinics for CT scans, as well as providing services for our clients.

CT scans have a range of uses within modern dentistry; we use them primarily during implant treatment.

What are CT scans used for?

CT scans have a whole range of uses within medicine and dentistry. We use CT scans for implant treatment, as the images enable us to locate the best site for the dental implant. CT scans are much more detailed than traditional X-rays and this means that we can find the optimum location for the implant at the planning stage; we can also use the scan images to guide us during the procedure to fit the implants. We also use scans during consultations to ascertain whether or not patients are suitable candidates for implant treatment; we can use the images to check bone density and look at 3D models of the jaws.

What happens when you have a CT scan?

Having a CT scan is not painful and there’s no need to feel worried or apprehensive. Before you have your scan, you’ll be asked to take out any jewellery, such as earrings and necklaces and you will be told all about the scan, what’s going to happen and how long it will take. We will provide you with a mouthpiece, which will help you to keep your mouth open and the scanner will then take images of your mouth; you don’t have to anything apart from trying to stay as still as possible. The scan takes a maximum of 15 minutes and you will be free to head home straight afterwards.

Cerec Dental Veneers: Quick Treatment, Timeless Look

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

944335_blogCerec is an amazing example of how far dentistry has come. Thanks to Cerec, we can make and fit bespoke veneers all in the same day to create a flawless, timeless look.

What is Cerec?

Cerec technology uses photographs of the teeth to create highly detailed 3D images, which are used to design your new veneers. These designs are sent to the milling site and the veneers are made in a matter of minutes. Usually, veneer treatment takes up to 2 weeks, but we are able to offer this incredible treatment in a single session. Cerec also allows us to design and produce dental crowns, inlays and onlays.

Veneers create flawless smiles and they are a great option for people who have chipped or worn teeth and those who would like a brighter, whiter smile. Veneers are wafer-thin shells, which are applied over the teeth to produce an amazing, radiant new smile. There are various shades and shapes to choose from so you can design your perfect smile.

Cerec treatment saves you time and enables you to enjoy your new smile sooner. If you thought veneers were just for celebrities gracing red carpets, think again, our amazing new smile is just around the corner!

Dentist in Leeds Central Uses CEREC Technology with Great Results

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

A dental practice in Leeds Central is the first to offer a whole host of revolutionary treatments to its patients. One of these is a new technology called CEREC which stands for Ceramic REConstruction. CEREC enables dentists to create an entirely new porcelain crown for a patient within one sitting only.
The dentist uses the latest 3D imaging technology to create a computerized visualization of the patient’s mouth. Sitting in front of the computer screen, the dentist is then able to create an image of the new crown that will be an exact fit for the patient’s mouth. The patient can even see the product on the screen to get an idea of what to expect. Once the dentist has finalized the dimensions of the crown, the command for production can be given and the actual product will be fabricated instantly.
As you can very well imagine, this cuts down the time you have to spend in the dentist’s office drastically. You will not have to waste any time on repeated visits to the dentist and you will even get a crown that fits far better than one made using old fashioned methods. The new crown can be made to match the colour of your teeth with the greatest precision.
Since this technology is now available in Leeds Central you can easily get your teeth done in a single sitting. You will not need to fear your visits to the dentist anymore because there is very minimal discomfort associated with CEREC.

The future of dentistry with CEREC from City of Leeds dentist

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

The last fifty years has seen incredible progress in the use of technology in all fields. This advance can be studied in microcosm in the world of dentistry. The dentist’s surgery today is unrecognisable from the surgeries of fifty or even twenty years ago. Modern surgeries are more like health spas than hospitals and the equipment and technology available mirrors this change.

One of the newest and most incredible of these technological leaps forward is the advent of CEREC. So new that only a small number of dentists are even using it, CEREC stands for CERamic REconstruction and involves the use of computer-aided design and manufacture to create dental crowns and veneers in only a fraction of the time it previously took. CEREC has been made possible by the advent of digital x-rays and 3D imaging that allows the dentist to build up an incredibly accurate three-dimensional picture of the patient’s mouth. The dentist is then able to use this image to design microscopically accurate crowns and veneers to remedy dental problems such as tooth decay and discoloration. Once satisfied with the computer projection, the dentist can instruct a computer-guided mill to sculpt the new crown from a single piece of porcelain. This process takes an incredible six-minutes per tooth which is miraculous when you consider the old methods of manufacture. First the dentist would have to take several dental moulds and x-rays and allow several days for developing. Then the manufacturing process would take place in a laboratory and could take up to two weeks. It is now possible to have a new crown designed and fitted in your lunch hour and to a higher standard of accuracy.

CEREC technology can also be used to fabricate porcelain fillings, or inlays, to fit specifically in large dental cavities. These porcelain fillings are incredibly durable and can be matched to closely resemble the colour of the patient’s existing teeth. This colour matching process will also be used when fitting any crown or veneer.

CEREC really is the future of dentistry. It is revolutionising the dental process and reducing waiting and appointment times for all patients. Ask a City of Leeds dentist about the latest CEREC technology and you could experience the future, today.