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Gum Disease: Get It Sorted Before It’s Too Late In Leeds

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

3520145_blogAt City Dental it’s our job to make sure you have beautiful, bright teeth and healthy gums and we are big fan of the motto ‘prevention is better than cure’. With gum disease, it’s really important to treat symptoms early because this disease is progressive and it can result in permanent damage to the mouth and even tooth loss.

Gum disease is preventable, yet it causes more adults to lose teeth prematurely in the UK than any other condition. We have a very simple plan in place to encourage patients to take good care of their teeth and gums and we strongly advise patients to maintain good oral hygiene at home, keep an eye on what they eat and drink and see their dentist for regular check-ups. These simple steps can make a massive difference to oral health and help you to ward off decay and gum disease.

Spotting the signs

Common symptoms of gum disease include bleeding, sore and swollen gums. Most people first notice their gums bleeding when they brush their teeth. The gums may also look very red and they may be tender.

When should I see a dentist?

If you notice any of the symptoms above, you should ring and arrange to see your dentist. It is always better to get checked out than take a risk, as gum disease can get worse very quickly and advanced gum disease, known as periodontal disease, causes irreversible damage to the gums and supportive bone tissue beneath.

If you have any questions about gum disease, or you’ve noticed blood when you brush your teeth, call and book an appointment with one of our expert dentists today.

Making the most of a Dental Visit in Leeds

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

944335_blogIt would be quite interesting to see how people view a visit to their dentists in Leeds: for most it is probably just a time consuming chore; you go there, get checked out and if need be, get treated for anything that has gone wrong and then go home again- which is rather a sad and ignorant way to view an appointment as important to you as this. You should embrace your visit with open arms. For a start, it will make up for any mistakes you have made at home with your brushing and general teeth cleaning; the dentist will pick-up quickly on anything that has gone astray and fix it with the basics such as polishing and scaling, or even a filling if required. However, your dentist will see exactly how you are caring for your teeth, point out any noticeable problems to you and the proffer advice on how to improve your lifestyle when it comes to your mouth and body. You see, the modern dentist is not just about the teeth and gums anymore, they understand all nature of things and can give you advice on many topics such as dental phobias and anxiety, cosmetic dentistry, diet- even quitting smoking. So come on, use this time wisely and share any issues you may be having at home, after all, it is your health on the line here.


Caring for those Teeth of yours in the City of Leeds

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

459343_blogYour teeth are an integral part of the body’s chemistry in the city of Leeds; their practical purpose is to help you break down food when you eat, but when you smile, they also project how healthy you look- if they are in good nick. Yet throughout your life, they will require constant attention to keep them healthy. The basics of oral hygiene are the first step; flossing, brushing with quality toothpastes and brushes, plus the use of a good mouthwash is all essential to maintain the good work. Keeping ‘in’ with your dentist regularly will also counter anything that you may have missed. This is easier said than done though and over time, your teeth can become faded with all of the work that they have to do. Still, the world of modern cosmetic dentistry caters for such problems; if your teeth are in good shape, you may only need some quick whitening procedure to put the shine back into your mouth and the enamel. If they have become worn though, you may need some form of cosmetic bonding or veneers to get you back on track; there really is no excuse for having bad teeth because dentists have all the answers. Don’t settle for second best when it comes to caring for your teeth and ensure that you do all you can to keep them healthy, for they will pay you back throughout your life.

Your delicate body, your more delicate Mouth and your Dentist in Leeds

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

1526008_blogYour body is a finely tuned vehicle and as long as everything you keep it well tuned, it should serve you admirably for life in Leeds. If you look after your oral health too this will impact on your body as well- just ask your dentist. You may well think that dentists are just there to fix you should anything go wrong and they will, admirably so too, and modern dentistry just continues to get better and with it, the treatments get slicker and painless. However, modern dentists are also very well versed in what goes on outside the mouth as well; they know all about your body as well. This is why when you go for a check-up you can question them on all aspects of your life, diets, diabetes, smoking and phobias; they will be able to give you advice on anything and if they aren’t too sure about something, they will definitely point you towards someone who can help. It’s hard to think of a time when dentistry was any better than what if offered to you today, so take advantage of this and make the most of your visits.


Check-in for a cool Dental Check-up in Central Leeds

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

658156_blogThere are probably a lot of dates in your diary in central Leeds, what with work and social occasions, but one that you should definitely underline and attend is a dental check-up. You may well think that you have nailed the art of oral hygiene back at home, but you only have to have a blip for a couple of days for nasty bacteria and plaque to step in, and then start damaging your teeth and gums. Now you may miss out on this going on, but your dentist won’t and within seconds of you sitting in the chair, getting probed and having an x-ray, any issues running wild in your mouth can be set about instantly and fixed-up. You can have a thorough scaling of your teeth, above and below the gum-line and then be finished off with a grand old polish. However, don’t waste this opportunity with your dentist: if you are having any doubts about your oral health and hygiene, or just thinking about having a little bit of work done, now is the time to discuss it. The modern dentist is also well aware of how oral health impacts throughout the body, so this really is the moment to discuss any topics that are affecting your life.

The City of Leeds and the need for a Dental Check-up

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Seeing as your mouth is a complex thing, it means that there are many ways things can go wrong quickly. Keeping up a high level of oral hygiene is a good way of making sure these problems are kept at bay, but you can never be sure that what you are doing is really any good unless you also pop along to your dentists in the city of Leeds for a check-up. The check-up is the perfect chance for your dentist to give you a full oral MOT and check for things that you may have missed. Your dentist will first give you an x-ray to check out what is going on inside your teeth and below the gum line. Then, you will be checked for any signs of plaque and tartar build up around the base of your teeth. Then your teeth can be cleaned and polished before you are sent on your way. If problems do crop up, your dentist will tackle them in the appropriate way to maintain the oral health of your mouth. The check-up is also a time for discussion between you and your dentist; you can talk about anything that concerns you or even broach the subject of cosmetic treatments you are considering having done. Check-ups should be attended at least twice a year to be affective and will be the perfect back-up to anything that you are doing at home.

The Danger of Ducking a Dental Check-up in Central Leeds

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Dental check-ups are designed to help care for your teeth in central Leeds and so avoiding one because you can’t be bothered or are just too busy would be a very foolhardy thing to do. Other people also make the mistake of missing an appointment on the basis that their teeth have been well looked after with all of the best products on the market- again, wrong. Sure, no-one doubts that you look after your teeth well and that’s admirable, the problem with all of this though is it only takes 24 hours for bacteria and acids to start eating away at the enamel of your teeth and so, the damage has begun, any longer and you are into the early stages of tooth decay. Even though you think you can skip appointments, you should bear in mind that your dentist can pick-up on this where you can’t. You will also be checked for any other anomalies as well- gum disease, tooth erosion, tooth alignment and if there are things wrong, your dentist will fix them or if not, at least know someone who can. It’s a time where you can have any tartar or plaque removed, followed by a good clean around the gum-line. Then after a little bit of a polish, you’re free to go. Just by spending 15 minutes with your dentist could mean the difference between having a healthy, trouble-free mouth or a very complex disease strewn one that will also cost a lot to turn around.

Looking out for Tooth Decay in Leeds

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

The fight against tooth decay in Leeds seems like a never ending battle at times, but unfortunately it is and something you should always be on your guard against because no matter how well you care for your teeth and gums a carry out your daily oral hygiene tasks, bacteria will start working again as soon as your back is turned.

This bacteria will start to form acids from food and drink deposits left in the mouth and it is these acids that set to work on the surfaces of your teeth, eating through the enamel until it makes a breakthrough and then the inside of the tooth becomes infected. The thing is you may be blissfully unaware that anything is going on until you start to feel shooting pains when you eat and drink or when the tooth is exposed to hot and cold temperatures.

Regular dental visits should eliminate this as your dentist should pick up on any signs of tooth decay.If the problem is detected in its early stages, a simple filling will remedy the situation, but if the decay has been allowed to progress, root canal treatment is called for in order that the tooth can be saved. Regular cleaning is the only way to combat the problem although you can have dental sealants on the surface of the teeth that protects the enamel from acid attacks.

Getting on Board with Herbal Remedies for Your Teeth in Central Leeds

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and this second law of Newton can be seen in all aspect of modern life in central Leeds. For example, the more technology advances, the more people want to find more natural alternatives and answers to questions and problems. A good example of this can be found in dentistry. It is remarkable how technology has changed dental procedures over the past few decades and made treatments quicker and less painful. Yet there is also a parallel to this, as people a turning to traditional herbal remedies to treat themselves and their teeth. However, these two opposing methods have started to fuse together as dentists have also held their hands up and recognised how useful herbal remedies are too in their treatments, as well as all the technology. There are already herbal toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain certain oils and herbs proven to be good for your teeth and gums- there are even herbal whitening products. But herbal products really come into their own when something goes wrong in the mouth. Gum disease can destroy the gums and lead to tooth loss but by using tea-tree oil, Echinacea, clove oil, salts, willow roots and many others in your daily hygiene programme- brushing and flossing, they can calm, stimulate and rejuvenate the gum tissue, and reverse gum disease. You should ask your hygienist about the use of such products, even find a herbalist who specialises in teeth and you may well find the results rewarding.

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Tongue in the City of Leeds

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

It is a pretty good bet that most of us in the city of Leeds splash out on all the necessaries to maintain our oral health and we roughly know why, it’s on the packets…’fights plaque’. The point of all of these products is to ensure we keep our teeth and gums clear from bacteria and yes, plaque in order to prevent further problems like tooth decay and gum disease occurring. What is another pretty good bet however is that most people wouldn’t consider cleaning their tongues each day. If anything, the tongue is the greatest hoarder of bacteria in the mouth and even after you have cleaned your teeth, the bacteria on the tongue will spread straight back into the rest of the mouth. The tongue is also easily clogged up with stains from nicotine, sweets foods and drinks. Now we all know the tongue is quite delicate so it needs to be cleaned very carefully- most brushes will do the job, but most modern ones also have a tongue scraper on the back. It is also possible to purchase bespoke tongue scrapers from certain outlets, but most certainly, your dentist will be able to put you right here. So, happy tonguing, but make sure you do!